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||2||: 10 Essentials for the Natural Minimalist

I’ve learned after 10 years and 2 Big Chops, that I don’t need many products to have healthy thriving hair. Still learning and growing low key Afro hair.
Photo by Matheus Bertelli
What I do need is consistent habits with nature’s resources.
The best feeling is your hair growing and thriving based on the food you consume and the natural ingredients you apply from your scalp to your ends.
Here are 10 products I’ve invested in again and again || Some of these products will have many options to chose from.

*This article is not sponsored. I’ve purchased all these products repeatedly and my thoughts are honest, and based on my personal experience.

  1. Water/Spray Bottle: Both water in the body and water in your hair are beneficial for hair growth. Drink water, first thing in the AM. When manipulating your hair, lightly spritz your hair to help you gently separate tangled hair. The light dampening of water helps to awaken dry hair after you let down your up-do (pineapple). It also helps moisturized flattened hair while sleeping. Consider the purchase of a Spray Bottle from Sally’s or if you’re feeling fancy try a mist spraying bottle.
  2. Essentials Oils: OIL life is key. I use oils on my skin, nails, hair and even drizzle oils on my salads. It is gold so I use what nature has gifted to us on my hair. Start with a carrier oil: Light Oils such as Argan, Avocado, Almond, Jojoba, Olive. Then add these essential oils to one of carrier oils that work well with your skin: I personally own, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose Oil, Lemon. Check out this brand I trust, DoTerra.
  3. Herbs/Supplements: I’ve chosen Fenugreek seeds or powders. Based on Curly Proverbz recommendation, Fenugreek should be soaked and placed in a spray bottle to spritz on hair strands for strong hair strands and length retention. As a supplement I’m currently using MSM Crystals and Powdered Vitamin C combined a drink every morning for hair growth and strong bones.
  4. Cleansing Shampoo/Optional Conditioner: At this moment I only use Shampoo. When my hair length changes, the products may differ. My hair doesn’t need a conditioner unless I’m doing a twist out or combing out my hair. This is the second shampoo I currently use and return to.
  5. Leave in Conditioner: When styling my hair with conditioner, I use Creme of Nature Pure Honey Conditioner. My next current conditioner choice in my cabinet is Shea Moisture conditioner for my shrinkage prone hair. This is my current choice, any creamy conditioner will do, use whats working for you and limit the amount of new conditioners you purchase, to stay on budget. In the past, when my hair was shoulder length, I used Aussie Conditioner (in the large purple bottle with pump) and Tresemme Naturals.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Use to cleanse scalp of build up, to clarify scalp on days when you want to skip Shampoo. Dilute ACV with 2 parts water, 1 part ACV (2:1), apply with a spray bottle. My scalp experiences a detox and my curls are popping and rejuvenated when I apply ACV. It’s also a great facial toner and cleans wounds. If it cleans your floors and it cleans you internally then it’s a YES YES for my hair.
  7. Wide tooth comb/Brush: I use my fingers to part my most tangled strands and then I use the the brush to add curls to my hair. Favorite Wide tooth comb, Rattail Comb, and effective curl enhancing brush.
  8. Silk Bonnet/Silk Pillow: I have purchased bonnets from many stores but my best bonnet has come from the dollar store, it was loose around the crown because I couldn’t do tights caps with I had a low hair cut. Now that my hair is growing, I can go tighter but I choose to wear loose covers. That’s when the silk pillows helps if you dislike covering your hair when you sleep. (No links — choosing hair wraps and bonnets are best chosen according to your measurements/preference).
  9. Hair ties/Hair Elastics: I use small black elastic bands with my small Afro to stretch my hair because I’m currently abstaining from heat. Hair elastics for long thick hair.
  10. Reusable Cap for Deep Conditioning: Platinum Deep Conditioning Cap & Reusable Thermal heat cap.
I got this! You got this! Follow along on the healthy hair journey.
What are your must have essentials for your hair?


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