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||6||: My Experience Getting a 💈 Barber Shop Cut

It was December 2018… and the hair just HAD TO GO.

The decision that’s best for you will be easiest when you focus on the future.
The future is positive when you have the opportunity to reset.

People thought I was crazy. We’re told many phrases like “Our hair is our crown, our identity.”
I do love a crown. However change is good, whenever it’s due, I follow suit.

Like my girl India.Arie sings, “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations NO.”

I understand that when people see me they see my large fro, it was a natural accessory and a protective covering.
So, I admit that I felt nude without the hair touching the back of my neck. I felt vulnerable to experience my hair no longer swallowing my face and camouflaging any imperfections.

When friends and family saw my low cut they said:

  • Looks good on you! You look regal, like a model, you can pull off any look. Such a mature touch.
  • Why did you cut off all your hair?
  • I’m so mad at you for cutting off all your hair.
  • That’s major. How did your man react?
  • Girl your hair was so long. I don’t think I could do that.

Not all statements or questions need a response. For some I responded quickly and some I’m still working on a quick witted reply. But I like to talk so I answered people. I wanted a reset. It was time for a major change.
Hair grows back, in about 5 years it will grow back healthy and in better health.

Where does one go when making a change in beauty and lifestyle? I went on YouTube and Pinterest. I made the decision to take out my Senegalese twist, cut my hair into a small puff and research Barbershops open on Sunday’s within two days (Friday/Saturday). Once I found the Barber and made the appointment. On December 9th, 2019 was my 1 year mark since I had my second BIG CHOP, my additional hair cut at the Barbershop was December 21, 2018 and after that 2 more shapeups.

Whatever decision YOU make about YOUR hair, you have to live with it and maintain it.
So do what works for you, mute the negativity and serve yourself positive affirmations in all decisions.

I am beautiful just as I am.
I am enough.
The natural me is the beautiful me.

Keeping it light,

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