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||12||: Affirmations for the Perfectionist

Marylhurst, OR

I’ll start when I have zero doubts.

I’m sure that this sentence sounds strange, however it may be familiar to our thinking.

Treasure, how do I expect to create positive change with negative thoughts? The two don’t mesh well, two opposing vibrations cause war.

Do you feel that you need to have a perfect start to receive a perfect outcome?

 I sure do, I’ve started and left so many blog posts unfinished in the draft section because of the ongoing script that plays in my mind. I tell myself that the post will be only good enough when I add some more finishes touches or when I find the best photo.

When the ‘special edition’ photo or ‘billionaire thought’ doesn’t appear, I refuse to complete my work. Therefore, there is no blog, there is no sharing, just thoughts, and wishes.

Thoughts and wishes manifest when I put intention and consistency to the formula.

Now I’m going to transpose this language so I can take responsibility and create change.

I’ll start now. Whatever it takes, I’m committed to my growth.

My growth is a must.
I seek completion over perfection.
I will put forth effort and balance.
I am an overcomer.
I complete the tasks I start.

So let’s rewrite the story so we can enjoy the benefits.

I am valuable and so are my thoughts.
When I set my mind on what I want to do, I do it well!

I will allow myself to write a crappy version for the sake of completion so I can progress and become even greater. When I refuse to start + finish, I lose the opportunity to improve.

I am valuable and so are my thoughts.
When I set my mind on what I want to do, I do it well!

Repeat these positive affirmations and allow your actions to follow the lead.


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