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||15||: Finding Balance in a Anxious Economy

Layla G.

“We go on multiplying our conveniences only to multiply our cares. We increase our possessions only to the enlargement of our anxieties.”

— Anna C. Brackett

What I want is balance and inner peace,
the truth and to be prepared, tranquility and an awareness, when the chaos finds its way in.

I admit I feel overwhelmed, and that may be because I’m currently on holiday so life is slow and I’ve had plenty of time to think. I feel like I’m stuck at the beginning of a race, and the gun has shot off, the checkered flag was waved and I’m standing still. Well if you you’re not sure what to do, with so much change taking place, keep on reading…

Do you feel the the emotional climate in the US changing? I do, and so far I’ve purchased water, a few cleaners, immune boosters and spoke to my sweet Mama. I’ve behaved completely normal minus a few frantic searches on Amazon.

In my personal and social life, the weeks of February into March have been an overflow of events. I’ve felt the overwhelming urge to stock pile and be overly prepared. I thought about purchasing an overflow of gifts for my spouse on our first celebration of Valentine’s Day. I’ve packed and repacked my bags in preparation for a 1 month holiday. I’ve learned about tornadoes in our hometown Nashville, and reached out to family and friends. I’ve listened to the news and podcasts about the Coronavirus and noticed items out of stock in stores and online. And now I’m preparing for my spouse to join the military. There’s so much to do, and if I’m not careful, I can certainly treat my home like a hoarders bunker and run my mind bankrupt.

I do believe we all need to maintain a peaceful state in our minds and maintain an honest and loving energy in our homes. To make time for play and relaxation. Yes, it’s important to pack enough, prepare for the inevitable and wash our hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. I also think it’s important to purchase only the essentials and hold off on the superfluous wants. I feel the need to save and spend responsibly. However I don’t want to get lost in anxiety and worry. So if you notice yourself on edge, be Captain fun and pour positive energy and play into your home with yourself, friends, spouse, and children.

This weekend I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in Orlando and near Tampa with friends and family. What I found most important in those few days was shelter, plenty of water, a comfortable bed, warm home cooked food and in the company of people who care and love each other. In those moment, nothing mattered. I didn’t care about a new pair of black leather combat boots I’ve been obsessed about finding and I didn’t feel the need to buy trinkets on Amazon. What I really cared about, was supporting my spouse, staring longingly at his face and remaining present in the now.

To find balance:

  • In the morning, give thanks and gratitude, focusing on all the blessings: health, food, shelter, family, furry companions, etc.
  • In the evening, take a meditative shower or bath with candles and uplifting music. Enjoy tea, read a book, write or draw. Minimize the attention of media/news before bed.
  • Donate or recycle any items in your home that provoke you or you haven’t used in a year. Freeing the floors and shelves of cluttered items keeps the air more purified and is easiest to move around. Donating to a local charity in your area will be helpful towards people who lost everything they owned due to fire or any natural disasters.
  • Make sure there is hand soap at every sink. Making your own soap with Castile liquid and essential oils is also another natural and cost effective option. Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day and take off shoes by the doors.
  • Look through your food pantry and finish foods that are closest to expiration first. Organize your pantry so that you’re saving and preparing for the items that you’re preparing for any eco changes in your area.
  • *The same for cleaning products, use all cleaning products in the pantry first and stretch items that were once used heavily with a lighter hand. Keep an eye on the sorting of soiled clothes and clean clothes when arranging your families clothing and laundry.
  • Prepare to have a date night in or a family games and movie nights for days when it’s best to stay in and bond with family. It’s about rewriting our focus and building on positive memories.
  • Remember the creative you and reenact your child like wonder with art, playing music, crafts, knitting and coloring and painting in your free time.
  • Be still and remember to breathe and let things be as they will. Holding onto the thought that each day is temporary and this too shall pass.

“It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” 

— Bertrand Russell

Writing helps me refocus and calms the thoughts roaming around in my mind. I hope that you are well and that you find joy in what really matters in your life.

With love,

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