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||17||: Decluttering Inspiration

((Happy April Everyone))

When I started editing my personal space I learned about Minimalism through Ted Talks on YouTube, Podcasts, and listening to Audible.

I checked in with The Minimalists Blog, watched the Documentary and soon enough I starting donating my junk while playing the Minimalist Game. I did this solo and wanted to live by example.

What is minimalism? Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist says, “Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things I really need—those items that support my purpose. I am removing the distraction of excess possessions so I can focus more on those things that matter most.”

My personal view on minimalism, “I intent to own, only what I need and the things that bring me joy. I am willing to let go of anything or anyone that stunts my growth and causes me harm. I am willing to protect my sacred temple, yes even things that crowd my space and distract me from my forward progress.”

It hasn’t always been easy and folks didn’t want to join me, they must’ve called my nutty for letting go of over 1,000 items. The truth hurts, and even minimalism can be a distraction. I was in a mad cycle of emotional purchases, a huge stack of debt and crowding myself in a barricade of stuff.

The thing is, it’s not about dumping my goods off at a donation site, or telling a friend “here take my favorite sweater, you’d love it”.

It’s about understanding:

  • Why am I filling my home with trinkets?
  • What is my purpose. what should I be doing with my life right now?
  • Is there trauma is there a sickness I’m not addressing?
  • What is the gaping hole that I have that I want to fill?
  • What’s next after all the clutter is gone, what remains?
  • When I am feeling empty, what does this mean? So, I can feel whole, value who I am, and understand what I was born to do.

Seeking and finding the answers to these questions, takes time. It takes time to sort cluttered spaces, it doesn’t happen in one day or even one week. As you meditate on the answers to the questions, talk it out, write it down, this continues to help me as I seek guidance from my Creator.

To begin your personal journey with Contentment, Joy, and What is Essential, check out these YouTube Channels:

🔅Feel free to listen to each video like a Podcast as you begin the editing process and shift your mindset into new ways of structuring your current life.

  • Matt D’Avella –Minimalist, Creator, Filmmaker. Speaks about Becoming an Essentialist with Greg McKeown. Then check out Matt D’Avella in his personal life, he’s light hearted, serious about film making and sarcastic, enjoy.
  • The Minimal Mom – Dawn – Tips & Tricks to Simplify Quickly (Faith Atmosphere)
  • The Minimalists – Friend Duo – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
  • Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker
  • Leo Babauta — Creator of Zen Habits from San Diego, CA: Article on Letting Go.
  • Rachel Aust PT, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
  • Benita Larson from Stockholm, Sweden
  • O.C.D. Experience – Justin Klosky’s
  • A Small Wardrobe – Minimalism of the Wardrobe, Home, and Mind.
  • Fumio Sasaki – Minimalist Asian Boss
  • Vested Interests – No fuss, No crap method (Straight forward Lady)
  • The Fairly Local Family
  • More Melody, Melody is quirky, however she is ruthless and plays no games when it comes to organization.

Be safe and take care of yourself.



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