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||19||: Cherish the little-moments

We often take for granted the very things that we do every day that deserve our gratitude the most.

We do this with both people and possessions. The problem is many people do not realize this until the situation has come and passed. We take things for granted on a daily basis, always with the assumption that whenever we need something, it will be there. We find comfort in knowing that life as we know will be the same and time will wait on us. There are many things we fail to realize the true value of until the moment is gone.

I think about the little-moments now more than ever. I remember fighting with my brother, and wanting to break him into pieces. As the oldest, yet smaller framed sibling, I wanted to be dominant and him being male, the power struggles were real. Now as adults, I didn’t know back then, that I would love him so much now and miss him. After college, he didn’t return to live in our hometown. He moved on and signed up for the military. We didn’t see or hear from him for awhile. Then he was stationed across the US and got married to his long term girlfriend. There is nothing to argue about anymore because we both have moved on to other phases of life.

There are many stories I can tell you, that I wish then, that I’d sit back and linger in the moment, watch and listen because those moments are temporary and then you’re onto the next thing.

This year on the 12th of April, my husband and I will celebrate our first year of marriage, heart to heart but from a distance. When we were dating and even when I moved to Tennessee, he had no thought or interest in the military. And now we’ve started the journey of a military lifestyle that will forever change the course of our lives. I look at photos and videos logged in my phone and I am deeply grateful we spent quality time together. Life keeps on going, so it’s important to savor the little moments and logging those precious memories in our minds. It’s never been about the stuff that collects dust and stands there like a stage prop, it’s about relationships, the unforgettable stories, and how we make each other feel.

I’m learning to be present. To make a record of what’s going, to be all in with photos and then balance it with taking breaks from the social media world. I want to enjoy my blessings and show respect and love towards my family. Because life is precious and we need to slow down and cherish it.

With Gratitude,


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