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||22||: Fresh Start in May 2020

Good morning 🌞!!! This Friday morning is a good one, and every single day this week has been awesome. I have successfully completed scheduled tasks. I wrote it down, made it happen, and it feels good.

This week I returned to work with less anxiousness. This is progress when I look back at how I felt during March and April. I woke up on time, completed my simple morning routine, arrived to work a few minutes early and broke my fast with alkaline water, fruit and granola. I enjoyed my packed lunches and when returning home I made dinner that I enjoyed while winding down.

When I start each morning counting my blessings, my mood is uplifted. So, If you woke up this morning, give yourself some quiet time to count each blessing. With your hand on your chest, feel your heart beating and acknowledge that you are here. If you have food and plenty options, hip hip hooray, not everyone is so fortunate, that is a blessing. If you’re in good health and you’re safe at home with family (even if you’re driving each other crazy) go ahead and clap. When we focus on gratitude each morning, we start our day in a better mood.

When 2020 began, I thought this year I’ll do things differently, and when I turned 30, I wrote out a list and visually posted a vision board of things I wanted to do and have within 5-10 years.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

So here I am in May, and I wonder what I’ll do differently this month to start fresh.

Here are 10 Changes I want to make in May 2020:

  1. Pray often. This wasn’t first on my list, however I made an edit. Because God hasn’t been #1 in my life. And it’s an effort that I want to make. To speak and consult God — First in ALL THINGS. Praying and opening his word, to enhance my relationship with him.
  2. Compost all food and compostable items.
  3. Cook — continue to cook at home, eat food and create less waste.
  4. Recycle — Set up a plan to reduce and refuse the use of packaged items.
  5. Write often, post once a week on the same day.
  6. Seek Help & Counsel. It comes to those who are consistently doing and growing. I’m working on accepting help from others who volunteer their services. To humble myself and set aside pride.
  7. Communicate honestly, kindly and unapologetically. I’ve suffered with people pleasing for years and want to make a change. There’s no time like the present.
  8. Reduce unnecessary spending, clear debt and save when extra funds are granted.
  9. Check in with community, family, and friends. Make plans to set up virtual meetings, calls and parities. If there’s a need I can fill, offer services.
  10. Move and play. I’m a kid at heart so whatever moves I make, it has to be fun and goofy. I want to continue playing and moving daily. Not as a separate activity but part of my daily lifestyle.

What are some changes you want to make in May 2020? Write them down, and post them so you can see them every day. Here’s an example created on Canva.

With Gratitude,

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