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||28||: Being Your Closest Friend (More Than Ever)

I’m a people person, a healthy mix of I love meeting people, sharing stories, seeing the world through diverse perspectives, pure laughter —— then I’m ready to go home, turn my phone on silent and watch a movie.

I can be a homebody, even though traveling and mingling is fun. I’m learning during this pandemic to enjoy the rest and self exploration.

I will admit that eventually, staying home everyday can get old and feel a little lonely. I’m also aware that not everyone is enjoying the solitude, some are out of work and in need of financial assistance, some are beyond exhausted with the extra work; lack of child care, stress for their families, working from home, separated from family and the anxiety from the current emotional climate concerning racial inequality. Whew.

So much has changed because of the uninvited guest COVID-19. The virus is still living here and so I’ve learned that it’s not going anywhere, and we have to learn how we will function best for ourselves and our family.

The point is, I’m contemplating whether or not I enjoy my own company more than I enjoy spending time with people.
I learned while in college how to live with people and then when I returned home, I learned to enjoy my own solitude. I told myself while seeking healing and confronting trauma that, I must be my closest friend. I must know myself so well that I can be confident, unapologetic and self aware.

This year is different, my husband joined the Navy this Spring so we’ll be physically apart. We are learning our new flow, communicating through FaceTime, voice notes and patience is needed as we transition.

Here Is My Personal Prescription for Being my Closest Friend starting July 2020:

  • Improve my sleep schedule and switch to 7-9 hours Of Rest, commit to a consistent bedtime routine.
  • Log off of social media every evening at 9pm, take total social media breaks as needed.
  • I want to feel refreshed and energized each morning, commit to stretch, meditate and drink warm lemon water (alkaline drink).
  • Create a schedule for work, life, self care and notice when I’ve over scheduled my work + appointments.
  • Keep playing, dancing, creating, exploring, embrace inner child.
  • Speak highly of yourself. (I love to uplift & affirm others) I need to return positive self talk to myself.
  • Continue planning and hosting virtual parties to bring joy to your friend groups and social community.
  • Be real, transparent, honest.
  • Learn to set boundaries and be unapologetic about self preservation.
  • Read, Write, Blog.
  • Confront fears or decisions have been purposefully putting off, reward myself for conquering fears and reaching goals.
  • Have uncomfortable conversations with self and family.
  • Speak kind words, continue affirmations, affirm others, GO TO THERAPY.
  • Pray & Seek for a new spiritual community.

For those who are suffering with the solitude, I’m thinking about you, thinking about friendships and the need for quality relationships. I’m active on IG, so if you ever want to talk feel free to reach out, I’m present.

With Love,

PS: The mask I’m wearing is from a close friend and creator, her name is Tara and she is precious.

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