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||29||: Beyond Hugs…

⁣When’s the last time you received a REAL hug? I’ll be honest, I miss physical touch or even the intimate non sexual touches during the day.

I miss the good morning kisses, the welcome home from work greetings, let’s hold hands and explore the city, and the let me touch you till you fall asleep moments. Sigh, good times.⠀

How do you cope with the loss of physical touch?
How do you function when your emotional tank is on empty? I personally have to spend time touching myself and knowing myself. I practice creating a happy space, with a dance, creative expressions and virtual parties with friends. Through it all, I literally have to become my closest friend, and make sure that I practice joy, positivity and realness. Such as, it’s real & valid when you don’t have to strength to get out of bed, it’s real that when the silence is so loud and your sobbing & Netflix is your only background, it’s real when you finally take a shower and it feels like a victory. ⠀

Wherever you are in this journey, be sure to hold yourself and be kind to yourself in this process. This isn’t easy, life isn’t linear and predictable. I’m feeling so much, you’re feeling so much, so if you’re alive — take life one deep inhale & exhale at a time, reach out and touch another persons life in a small way, find acts of kindness to share with the world like purposeful drops of flower petals during a celebratory moment. ⠀ Celebrate you – celebrate others — reach out and touch peoples lives just because and you’ll feel that inner hug till we meet again… ⠀

Just know, I give actual hugs and I’d risk my life to hold you for even just a moment. #hugs #physicaltherapy #touch #becomingtreasure #navywife

With Love,

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