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||33||: Body Hair? Body Positive Thoughts…

Hey precious humans 👋🏾 I did a quick close buzz this morning so you won’t see the budding dark hairs.. I’ll explain more.

This morning I was inspired by my friend Treena and shared this post on IG (@treasure.eachsecond). My words here are on the blog will be slightly different from IG, in hopes to be more unfiltered.

I’m a hairy individual and it’s been a touchy subject for years because I’ve allowed peoples reactions of my own natural body to affect how I see myself. I grow quiet in a room when I hear people share with disgust how they negatively feel about body hair especially on women. It brings me back to elementary + middle school when kids are blunt, insecure and sometimes cruel.

No matter how they feel, this body is my home and I’m starting to share my feelings and speak kind words to myself.

I have hair on my arms, thankfully a full head of thick Afro hair and I have hair on my face, the other places I’ll leave up to the imagination. I’ve purchased so many hair removers I might as well start my own company, I’ve tweezed, shaved, buzzed, “attempted to wax”, Naired my entire body head to toe… Ugh 😫 😤🥺
When you’re casually dating they expect you to be hairless, sorry buster that’s not how I’m built.

So yea, ((I shave my face)) I use a stainless steel safety razor and a Wahl Close Shaver for in between.
I’ve been doing this for years, and my husband and I had a laugh because he’s asked me for shaving advice now that he’s in the Navy, he’s the only man I’ve ever shaved in front of.
I use to do the Matrix moves, contorting my body to avoid any hands to my face. I even use to reject all neck kisses and I never allowed anyone to touch my face not because hands are filthy, but because I didn’t want them to feel how prickly I was. I’d literally cry if they got close to me.

It’s taken sooo much to share this because I went from wearing a full face of makeup every single day to giving zero clucks and letting my face breathe. Now listen, I still shave, but I sure did skip a couple days during Quarantine. I choose not to compete with my bearded husband, still I want to feel less shame about body hair and I want other women to know it’s okay to be AU Natural & love yo’ self.


This is me, This is self acceptance, This is the daily journey of self love, no set arrival, simply walking in my truth…

With or without makeup you’re beautiful.
With or without a clean shave 🪒 you’re sexy.

Smiles + Virtual Hugs,

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