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||36||: This New Challenge – Demands My Attention…

Have you ever heard of the No Buy – Low Buy Challenge? When you hear those words what comes to mind? What comes up for me is “Spending Only on What’s Essential”.

Like the time I had low cash flow because after our 1 month vacation, Corona hit us with a mighty punch, my husband Lex went to bootcamp and I wasn’t working for a few months. Thankfully all of our bills were covered due to savings and I only spent our earnings on what was highly important. Well I’ve been back to work since end of April and I’m back to my compulsive consumer spending.

This Sunday morning, July 19th 2020, while washing dishes and listening to YouTube, I listened to a Creator named Simantha (the name of her channel) the young lady talked about her Minimalist lifestyle, I thought,
✅ I’ve done that, I’ve done the ✅ Minimalist Game where you let go of items each day according to the number of the day such as, (Day 1 = 1 items, Day 10 = 10 items, by Day 30/31= You’ll have over 400 + items donated, sold, recycled. It sure felt good but that doesn’t cure the day to day habits of a hoarder and compulsive consumer spender.

While thinking and still listening to (Simantha) talk about her frugal habits which I do not relate to, she shared her experience participating in the the No Buy – Low Buy Challenge. I’m not an expert on the subject so I went online to research the definitions. I’ve taken a format I found online and made revisions accordingly to my own lifestyle.

My No Buy/ Low Buy Rules for 2020

As I’m trying to save money, and put an end to my impulsive shopping and other bad habits, I’ve decided to embark on this challenge, because This Goal Currently Demands My Attention.

It will be a strict No Buy starting today Sunday, July 19, 2020 and all through August, then a Low Buy for the rest of the year following these rules:


  • Cosmetics:
    • No new items, until all products are used or highly used items need replacement.
    • No subscriptions and low key purchases.
    • Delete all cosmetic apps.
    • Find new ways to use what you already own, continue Virtual Cosmetic Parties.
  • Clothing/Shoes/ Jewelry/Aesthetic Household Items: Allowed to make 3 purchases per season (1/month) – must meet criteria:
    • Only replace if item is broken or unusable.
    • Unsubscribe from all retail stores and clothing apps.
    • Avoid all thrift shops (your downward spiral) and reward yourself as each urge comes up with a Fashion Show 💛💛💛
    • No online browsing and No browsing physically at stores or malls unless going with a list or purpose.
    • Money from selling clothes can be used to pay off debt
    • Must ask questions before buying:
      • Can I wear this 30 times?
      • Can my outfit transition to many social gatherings?
      • Does it work with my other clothes?
      • Comfortable? High quality?
      • Have I shopped my wardrobe to see what already works and can be restyled?
  • Share news with family + friends // If husband gives gifts, that is his personal prerogative.
  • Dining out:
    • Can eat out dinner – once every 2 weeks.
    • Unused meals rollover
  • Online Purchase:
    • No more online browsing.
    • Be aware of your triggers
    • Take Social media breaks when necessary.

Allowed to purchase: * 1:1 replacements of clothing items worn out * Gifts for others (be creative – it may be handmade or home grown – always be on budget) * Experiences (traveling – hikes – adventures ) (always within budget).

WHY? Why am I doing this? To purchase a new vehicle, increase my credit score, be more confident, to elevate myself, to be a responsible spender and a leader for my family, to be aware and approach frugality and essentialism daily. I will continue to share the ups and downs of my journey. Stay tuned for more transparency, authenticity, and my journey.

With Gratitude,


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  1. This is a big step in the right direction. I hope that many will follow you bravely. I’d love to be the accountability partner:) Momma


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