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||41||:🌞Mood Elevation🌻

T. Curry
It’s totally okay if you’re not feeling 100 % – happy – go – lucky.
So I ask myself “how do I pick myself up – elevate my mood – when I’m low?”
When I forget what elevates me, When I’m feeling gloomy and completely unaware,
I’ll return to this list, like creative tools that are easy to access.

  1. Start the morning with music 🎼 🎶 Life can be a party if you make it. So start the party and begin the soundtrack for the day. You can be a Broadway singer on the way to work, you can be a rapper with your bestie as your hype man in the background, for a few minutes you can let go.

I am the author of my story.

I choose to celebrate each day.

2. Enjoy solo time and all types of pleasure. You deserve it, it’s your human right. Life is too short to be a cranky grump. Enjoy pleasure any way you like and however, you like. Your body, your choice. Find interesting ways to add a goofy smile on your face. Please enjoy life unapologetically. Lube is awesome. Always practice safe sex and continue monthly to yearly medical exams.

Take advantage of the NOW, the quiet, the moments of solitude.

Without excuses, set aside time for what truly matters, YOU.

3. I meditate before my feet touch the floor and repeat affirmations in the shower. Repeating positive self talk and affirmations programs the subconscious mind to create new paradigm shifts.

I have the power to uplift myself.

I am valuable and will take a few precious minutes each day to breathe and release tension in my body.

4. Be mindful of the media, print, and entertainment consumed. I do my best to monitor my mood and make changes accordingly. I limit the amount of news I watch + I’m working on improving my pre-bedtime routine with less bright lights and social media activity in the evening.

I am grateful that I attract positive news.

I cherish my own company. My sleep is important to me.

My bed is a sacred space to recharge.

5. Refresh my skin, hair, and nails. I feel better when I schedule self-care. Taking the time to moistuize my skin, gently style my hair and keep my nails cleans are so important to me. It demonstrates to myself that I can set aside quality time to care for my personal needs.

I am happy and grateful that I set aside time for self-care.

My body is beautiful, just as I am.

I embrace my uniqueness.

6. Seek Wise Counsel & Professional Therapy

Therapy is cool.

I can choose therapy: (1) just because, (2) I want to share ideas, (3) form a new lifestyle or plan, (4) to feel less alone, (5) to be affirmed and encouraged.

7. Dress up & Play. Playtime must continue. To be creative, to disconnect from the chaos and laugh with pure delight. Let your hair down, interact with your toys and dolls, leave routine and do something spontaneous. *Even if* you have to schedule it, keep on playing.

I love playtime and free movement.

Be whimsical, silly, and let the inner child roam free.

8. Join a community, there are online groups and apps. Try Start finding new ways to connect virtually. Learn to make adjustments. As the world changes, adapt to cope with new emotions. I’ve hosted Zoom sessions with friends and family. Be the one to start the party.

I am grateful for my community.

I am seeking a diverse group of people, so we can inspire and support one another in our personal journeys.

9. A body in motion stays in motion. At least 30 minutes of exercise, dance, stretch, lift, any movement that raises your bpm (hear) to keep the blood flowing. It helps to create a playlist of music that equals 30 mins and move vigorously.

Get it done.

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

Thomas Jefferson

10. Forgive yourself, love yourself.

I forgive myself for my lack of awareness and wisdom. I release myself. Through daily intention, I will do better. I am forgiven.

“Until we can forgive, we remain locked in our pain, and locked out of the possibility of experiencing healing and freedom, locked out of the possibility of being at peace.”

Desmond Tutu

I hope that these tools are the beginning of new routines formed, a deep appreciation for ourselves, and an awareness of the time allotted, all we have is now.

With love & light

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