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||49||: Shake Your Groove Thing

Be kind to yourself.

Life is constantly changing.

🍏 I’ve been learning since March how to create my new flow, lifting up every rock unturned and tidying any and all forms of clutter.
🍏 I’m learning to depend on myself and my Creator — That’s the journey I’m on, listening to what works for me and doing what resonates with me.
💚 It can be emotionally taxing making so many changes and if you’re sensitive to energy like I am, you can feel the weight of the world.
🍏 I’m learning I cannot carry all the weight.
The best I can do is take care of me so I can take turns caring for others. My Creator encourages you and I to be of service for others. So please be of service to yourself.

💚 I am so grateful when I can go into my tool box and reach for practices that make sense and raise my spirits.

💚 I hope this Tuesday you are uplifted. When you struggle create your own Universe where’s it’s safe, accepting and filled with love & freedom to just be.

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