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||52||: Being Present In The Moment

Lately I’ve been thinking about being present in the moment. I’m not functioning this way, and I’ve been getting reminders to slow down and be still. These thoughts occurred while sitting at my desk drinking a bottle of water.
As I held the bottle, I thought How would it feel just drinking water without a million thoughts racing? Not thinking about my to do list for the day, or what will happen tomorrow.
Deeply drinking this water, and for a few minutes being completely in the moment. Focusing on the curves and groves in the bottle, the feel of my lips on the bottle opening, inhaling-exhaling-sipping, the taste of the water, gratitude for having an abundance of clean water and satisfaction of having my thirst quenched. Whew, I need to focus on the now and let everything else wait its own turn.

Last weekend on Saturday morning I went on a hike. I was so proud of myself because I’ve been wanting to hike but felt uneasy. Nevertheless the night before my mind was made up and I was out of the house by 7:30 am.

During the hike I reached for my phone to find the perfect song to be the soundtrack for my scenic hike. The distraction of constantly reaching for my phone reminded me I wasn’t present and I didn’t have a playlist prepared. Then I’d check my Fitbit app to see how many steps I’ve taken.

I’d pass couples, families and friends talking and engaging with one another. I was walking solo and wondered if this lonely hike was becoming super obvious to my subconscious. Even in my loneliness I’d pause and think about how beautiful the temperature was for the day. It was cool and the air had a dew that made the air feel pure enough to walk and sweat slowly.

I wore a neon yellow top that was breathable, ash black shorts and my favorite black and pink sneakers. I’ve never felt confident to leave the house in shorts, but today was my day. I was beaming and more confident than I’ve ever been, stretching my legs, flexing the muscles and planting my feet carefully on the pavement, my arms swaying in coordination of the music, I was nearly dancing 🕺🏾 to “Shake Your Groove Thing”.

After the second mile, sweat began to drip down my forehead, I wiped my brow wishing I brought a headband, then I felt sweat drip down lower back and bum. Sheesh I must be really moving because it really wasn’t hot.
I managed to walk 3.5 miles a little less than my goal, still I was satisfied. I’m done for this morning. Because I wanted to build the energy and desire to return again.

For me to be in the moment during my next hike, I’m going to prepare an energetic playlist, and no photos until the end of my hike and my reward will be a smoothie on the way home.

How do you keep yourself in the present moments?

With Gratitude,

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