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||63||: You Are Important To Me

Photo by Jens Johnsson
There’s a song called, I need you to survive...

“Inspiration can come to us at any time and from many sources….. The story of someone who has succeeded in spite of difficulty can stir our emotions.” 

Jim Rohn

The song came to mind after insightful conversations with two kindred spirits: one online last night with a new creative individual and the other a relative this morning. It was the reminder that I needed to change my anti social and free thinking mindset. The Quarantine has made me so introverted, I’ve been enjoying my own company above all, I’ve become detached and protective.

Still, We need each other. I need you. I want you around. I know, it’s scary and vulnerable to feel like you need another. So I’m talking about balance and appreciation for other human beings or even our furry friends. It is my hope that even with our differences we can coexist and mingle with one another. I listen to you, you listen to me, we agree or respectfully disagree. You share my story. I share mine. There is no shame, simply open minds and open arms. Free to stay and Free to leave.

I’m here to contribute to the greater good of human kind.

I’m here to share spiritual food, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control.

I’m here to embody that energy, practice it daily in hopes that others will choose to do the same.

I’m reaching out to say hello, to tap into the sensitive side that isn’t always available.

We all influence each other, by living, culture, language and things we own that we deem valuable, etc.

Last night, a creative human encouraged me, to share my singing online (I cringed a bit, but I know for sure that it needs to happen). That my need for perfection is a protective mechanism that prevents me from growing. I can admit, I’m scared, I want to do well, and I want others to really connect with my musical contribution. In order to do well, failure must occur, there are no short cuts around it. The best fail.

This morning, my close relative, challenged me to read my Bible for 1 hour a day ( I hear you Bro). And this is right after I told him, I‘m no longer doing religion, I’m more focused on love, and healing, and simplifying my life. Even then, I’ll take the challenge. This challenge has encouraged me the free spirited type to write a schedule that will encourage me to wake up an 1-2 hours early to read, write more, and meditate. I want transformation like the air I breathe. I believe I listened to him, because we respect each other. We listened to each others differences and beliefs throughout the entire conversation (that’s who I am – I make space for people to just be) and I acknowledged my relatives ability to do the same.

“Therefore, no one can take you down his or her path and similarly you cannot lead somebody else down yours. All we can do is simply inspire others to listen and develop their intuition by listening and following ours.”

Michael Hetherington, Developing Your Intuition
Thank you everyone for inspiring me. Thank you for checking in. Thank you for affirming me when I’m not able.

“Inspire others; make others believe that they can do it too. Helping others reach their dreams and get to the point in their life where they are finally happy with everything is the moment I live for.”

Eshraq Jiad

Love & Light,

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