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||67||: Hello Blogtober 2020 🍂

Photo by Tobias

Cheers to Blogtober: Taking up the challenge to write one blog post a day for October 2020.

If you’re feeling alone, overwhelmed, and drained you are not alone. If you’re constantly tuned into current events, pause, life is heavy, sometimes that’s a sign to unplug.

This week, the last week in September 2020, I’ve decided to temporarily delete the IG app and take as long as needed to regain focus and clarity. It’s been 72 hours of eliminating 1 app that I spend hours on, and I can already feel more connected to myself, my inner voice and intuitive messages. Whew it’s wild, exciting and comforting to know that being in tune with myself can happen 1 intentional habit at a time.

Yikes, time is going. The year has been a blur and I look at the calendar and notice how much has happened, I’m pausing to ask God – the Universe – my higher self, What do I need to do right now, what demands my attention? Well I know the answer… The answer I received is Be still, you’re doing too much and distracting yourself. I see your hurt, and healing will occur, take time to collect your thoughts, read, write and study. Time is of the essence, choose wisely what you do with your time.

I’ve made many drastic changes, in hopes to let go of anything that feels like a waste of time and energy, such as cutting my hair or even dealing with my hair, questioning my spending habits, deconstructing my faith, religious upbringing and my personal relationship with God, talking to less people.

The month of August-September has been overwhelming, so much that I’ve been writing less here and more on my instagram account.

What I want to do for the remainder of 2020 is complete the tasks I’ve started, regain confidence and trust in myself.

  • I will return here to write daily even if it’s one paragraph. I want to reflect and share what I’m doing.
  • Applying to Universities — Commit to the main thing — Earn a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I want to counselor youth – young adults. I want to listen and discuss what’s relevant today, to critically think about questions that have been my left unanswered.
  • Continue sharing and communicating with my husband, and commit to having uncomfortable conversations. Have fun and find creative ways to say I love and support you.
  • Clear Debt, start a business in 2021, Earn multiple streams of Income and learn where to invest and what to invest my time and money in.
  • Continue letting go of the physical excess with the filter of Minimalism, Essentialism, and living below my means.
  • I’m also seeking a new community. A group I can grow with, people with different cultures, ethnicities, sexuality and genders. I’m willing to share, learn, and contribute with people who are critical thinkers, lovers of learning, seeks of the truth, etc.
  • Improving my mental health with therapy, change of lifestyle — clean foods, and increase my movement.

Wherever you are in your journey,
I hope this month is less spooky and terrifying, and reminds us all:
Rest When Needed, rest is love, self care is a gift to yourself.
Time is precious, Be The Change.
How can I make a difference?
What can I do with my hands?
What new habits do I need to start to transform my spiritual walk?

Rise Up,


  1. I absolutely like how you have outlined clear goals and steps find meaning and going after your passion. Kudos, I find I must do the same to achieve the highest goal of self actualization. I look forward to going on this journey with you.

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