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||68||: Day 1/2 of Letting Go – October 2020

Photo by Karolina G.

The Minimalism Game

It’s Friday YAY!!! The 2nd of October, my second Blogtober post and I’m hype about the inspiration.

Also for the month of October, I’ve started the Minimalism Game created by The Minimalists.

I’ve worked ahead to cover those days when I’m too low energy to declutter. Because decluttering is no game, it’s like critical thinking, counseling and separation all at once. But sure, for the official need to have structure, I’ll use the name The Minimalism Game.

Day 1 starts on October 1st and so it will end on Day 31st, the last bloody day of the month. So all the items gathered on the last day will total 476 items. It’s the individuals choice how they will let go of the items that are no longer used or needed. The goal is to be at peace, free up time to have more experiences, lower the amount of items in the home, to free up space, it’s whatever intent or reason you need to keep going. To give to those who can benefit from these things, to give unused and forgotten items a new home. So you, that the individual can no longer be a prisoner or feel suffocated in the home — or whatever feeling attached to the relief of living with less.

This is no easy task, so if one makes it to Day 15, that’s 120 items, Go on and Celebrate. Because that’s 120 items to gather, sort and decide where it will go. That’s progress and soon you can scream FREE AT LAST.

Here are 3 items I’m donating. I’ve thought about selling them but the quality isn’t the best, the top of the shoes look new but the bottom of the shoes are too worn to make a profit. I’ve tested them by wearing them on many occasions and my mind is constantly on my thinking how badly I want to take the shoes off.

I’m aware that it’s a privilege to have many shoe options and that I have the time to give these items a new home. So in the future I want to focus on slow purchases and writing down what’s most important to be when making purchases.

To continue watching my personal process, or reading my personal process, tune in for the month of October. I’d love to hear from you, have you ever decluttered before and what’s your process? Have you ever heard of the Minimalism Game prior to this post? Check out YouTube for more details, there’s a vast amount of content about it. #theminimalismgame

With Gratitude,
Treasure’s Voice Reading This Post

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