||72||: Day 5/6 of The Minimalism Game

Photo by Karolina G.

Imagine it’s Monday/Tuesday of the new week. Day 5 & 6 is October 5th/6th in the Minimalism Game. If you’ve made to Day 5 & 6, you’re preparing to get rid of 11 items.

And these are 11 items you’re not using, and maybe even these 11 items that will be donated to a local charity, maybe a friend (hopefully who lives further away) wants your items and sees you processing your stuff upon stuff. This is why I personally package things away in dark bags or immediately put in my backseat because stuff needs to move quickly. However it’s your choice, so your friend mate may have an eye for those gently used shoes they loved on you.

However you’re removing these items, so let me tell you, that it will take time management and strategy in your errands to decide when and where each will go. I use to travel often to the recycling center, now I donate items that are gently used so they can be sold quickly at stores rather than passed around and dumped. I even sell items on ThredUP, it isn’t a major profit but it’s a quick way to give with a small return, that’s if you don’t want to sell on online marketplaces.

So you’ve made it to 21 items by Day 6. Good for you. I have a relative moving in a couple weeks, they’re going through a total lifestyle change, so I hope that they can use this idea and encouragement to help their downsizing process.

This weekend I hope to work ahead. It works best for me, because I do struggle with this, questioning my habits and feeling wasteful about items that I don’t need at all. When I focus on the game and less on the shame, when I focus on the end goal of feeling less crowded and more at peace in my sacred space, I am motivated to keep going.


“My home is not a storage unit. My home has no space to hold garbage and indecisions. My home is safe place for creative minds and free flowing movement. My home is a retreat and a shelter for all times. A space to gather with loving people. This is what I desire, and I will work on preserving my peaceful center.”

Treasure Curry

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