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||73||: Day 7/8 of The Minimalism Game

Photo by Dina N.

I’m not sure exactly when I started an interest in Minimalism & decluttering. I do remember, going on a documentary binge, about fast fashion, living on a few dollars and the harmful existence of plastic, and then The Minimalists Documentary and I paid for that one and I was hooked.

Read by TC

Then I realized that a lot of my childhood was spent trying to attract people, I was really obsessed with trying to fit in and I noticed the cool kids dressed really well. I remember my first job, the most cash I’ve ever had and spending almost all of my paycheck on clothing, but it didn’t matter how many articles of clothing that I had, I was never satisfied, and I hated doing laundry and had a lousy relationship with money so it was a vicious cycle.

In the end, all of those things really don’t matter if I’m not content with myself, I’m not focused on character and personality is ugly and unapproachable. So I was so busy focused on my outside appearance, that I neglected to focus on character building and career focus. I had no touch, or idea the value of time and hard earned cash flow.

This is not a sob story, the point is it came down to — what do I have to show for the life that I have now, trinkets? Will my life be a representation of the items I own or the people? I’d rather my life be about my ability to maintain healthy relationships and the people I’ve positively impacted.

I don’t do well in crowded areas filled with dust and stuff. And I also don’t do well with having shallow relationships. So now what is really important to me is less things and more quality-in-depth relationships, meaningful conversations and community. So things have changed and I’m so grateful for it. Now it’s time to clear the debt and learn more life skills aka adulting efficiently.

If you’re not interested in Minimalism, I completely understand. I can feel incredibly wasteful to purchase something and then decide a month later that it isn’t useful, or doesn’t function well, or the quality was so poor that it didn’t live up to its value. It’s really frustrating. But then you learn to focus on quality. What I also don’t like is after a long day of work walking into my home and it’s filled with all of my indecisions and overflowing procrastinations. We all at some point have to travel, move locations, make room for children that move back in, or make room for a parent that needs, that’s in need of care. We all have to make room physically and emotionally for people or things. So if this blog space inspires you to move more and acquire less, I hope that you tune in. And if it’s not your jam, I completely understand and I hope you find what’s applicable and resonates with your taste.

These two photos represent October 7th&8th which is Wednesday and Thursday of 2020.

“Cherish each & every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.”

— Jack Layton

With Gratitude,

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