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||80||: Day 12/13 of The Minimalism Game

I’ve noticed that the best dressed belong to an elite club. Well I’ve never been part of the “club” it didn’t matter how well I arranged my clothing, I’ve always been a dork, and now as an adult, I – own – it.

In high school I wanted people to see me, but I didn’t know how to choose 1 style, so I tried them all and my wardrobe often looked like a costume party or an indecisive shopaholic. Now I’m learning that you’re never fully dressed without a smile (I couldn’t help it😆) call me a choir geek, because I regularly break out in song.

Here’s a photo taken last year 2019, since then I’ve recycled, returned, and donated a few items in these photos above. And oh how things have changed. I wouldn’t say I miss a thing, but sometimes an item I can’t find comes to mind and I wonder, did I misplace it or have I donated it?

  • From head to toe, I’ll say that I no longer have a full afro (chop-chop on September 7, 2020). Today I’m wearing a low cut that’s beginning to grow in curly, not sure if I want another haircut or if I’ll grow it definitely.
  • I’m currently wearing those round framed glasses, I adore the shape of the frames and will purchase similar ones in the future.
  • I adore the taffeta checkered skirt, and I return to it every Spring/Fall. The skirt is floor length and reminds me how much I appreciate long skirts, so I can sit comfortably.
  • I’ve donated the turtle neck, I tested it out and wore it one occasion, and this photo reveals how much I despise boxy shirts. I prefer my tops to be loose and flowy to compliment my frame.
  • I use my fitness watch every day, the mindful apps are helpful at home and work.
  • I haven’t worn makeup much within the past 6 months. I prefer to wear makeup during the weekends. When I am in the, wake-up-early mood, I feel I look best with a light application of makeup. Deep Cherry or Maroon is my go to lipstick color.
  • My handsome partner took these photos with my Nikon. It’s already donated (yikes) and will not be on the list of items donated. I prefer to use my phone and hardly reached for my bulky camera. At this moment, it is not about the cost, I often ask myself, when is the last time I’ve used this item? Have I benefited from the value of this purchase? I would attempt to carry my DSLR camera but worried if I’d set it down and forget it, or would feel on edge about bumping into it, as I would carry it around my neck. It was too much of a bother. If I decide to purchase a digital camera in the future, it will be small enough to place in a shoulder length bag.
In the end it’s about relationships, our loved ones, the planned and spontaneous experiences, and how we support each other in whatever service we choose. It’s about the photographs and memories we’ll never forget. And what leaves a lasting impression, is how we treat one another daily.

These photos symbolize Monday, October 12 & Tuesday October 13 = 25 items that will be sorted and carefully distributed out of the home.

With grace & gratitude,

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