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||82||: 3rd ✂️💈Big Chop • Afro to Buzzed…

Photo by cottonbro
I’d describe the need to cut my hair again as an intuitive feeling that won’t rest. The answer is simply this, I gravitate towards less maintenance, a lady who prefers effortless style, with an edge.

I woke up one day and had the feeling that I needed to cut my hair. As if the weight of my hair was unbearable and I couldn’t focus until I addressed the matter, I literally refuse to spend hours on my hair every other day. I want to quickly prepare and look my best without relying on extensions or other protective styles.

It feels so free and liberating, the warm sun and fresh air on my scalp. If you’ve experienced this feeling with confidence and acceptance, you’ll understand the need to return to this sensation again and again. Because of my scoliosis and protruding vertebrae I’ve always kept long hair to protect and cover my back which only made me self conscious and anxious. Now I feel it’s best for me to show you who I am and for you to truly see me in my most natural state, this act of love and authenticity puts me at ease.

The previous times I cut my hair it was a couple months before college in 2010, the other time it was December 2018, a month after my 29th birthday and this year was last month, September 2020. I’m usually stunned like really T, now? When the thought comes up I spend at least 24-72 hours trying to understand why and is this really what I want? I think about my beloved partner and I know he’ll be highly confused and will love me regardless. The longer I wait, the more I talk myself in circles. I say when I’ve done the research and my mind is made up, I don’t ask too many opinions, I simply get it done.

Once you do it, and see your hair grow at its healthiest, you become less attached to your hair and more interest in what makes you feel best. I’m also a creative type that prefers style to suffering for the sake of comfort. I like having an edge to my look and personal style. I remember having hair past my shoulders and thought sure it’s nice but I prefer style with minimal effort.

On September 7th, I cut my hair at home with scissor/clippers. A week after I traveled to Houston, I wanted a professional cut, so I visited Plan B Barbershop recommended by my bro.
They really took care of me and gave me the full treatment and conscious service. Yes I’m lady and after working in the service industry, I appreciate please who engage with me and suggest the full service. Heck yes, I wanted the hot towel and razor for a sharp edge. The other fellas were kind and easy to engage with (example: apprentice gentleman being silly outdoors).
I recommend taking plenty of photos as your hair grows. I tend to forget, so here’s a photo of my hair directly after my haircut. After my appointment, I reunited with a friend I haven’t seen in 5+ years, I’ve lost count. I love Carlee, she’s a warrior, so glad we could meet up and capture this moment.
I’m not sure what style, I’ll try next, in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this effortless style, until the next hair journey. I’ll wait, and let intuition be my guide.

Free Spirited,


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