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||90||: Day 20/21 of Letting Go & Gratitude

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

“Minimalism is a tool. Not the end result.”

Ronald L. Banks via 247. Owning Less — The Minimalism Podcast (25:35)

Each day of writing is a gift well earned. I claim that I’m a writer, however the best way to share that truth is to write, daily. I’ve earned the gift of discipline and structure, through writing and hope to distribute that gift to many aspects of my life. What I do want is to learn to stick to something and reap from the consistency. I want to publish an e-book, and will keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration on the subject. I do want that for future Treasure.

I’ve benefited from structure, waking up at the same time everyday and leaving the house to be on time for work. Even though my blog posts have shifted to evenings, it’s posted here everyday. If you have ADHD, you know how much of a celebration that is, focus and consistency. The importance of routine was blatant when I stayed home for a month before returning for work, it-was-rough. I appreciate going to work, and having a purpose, however we all need breaks from structure, a balance of rest and productivity.

Apart from talking about letting go of stuff, I’m serious about: No longer participating in traditional and ritualist practices and replacing this with: Learning a new skill, forming conscious spending habits, eco minimalism, and groups that demonstrate love and acceptance in action. If my habits or interactions with others don’t add value, I’d rather remain in solitude and create spaces where I want to be, or join other groups that are inclusive and equal.

During my affirmations I repeat what I want to happen now as I make changes to the physical, I’m hoping for spiritual changes.

  • I believe fully in who I am and my capabilities.
  • I am more than my stuff.
  • I am perfectly made.
  • I am capable of completing my tasks.
  • I am exactly where I need to be.
  • I am present to enjoy each moment now.
  • I am grateful as I take deep breaths with my hands tapping the keyboard, my feet touching the ground, alert and awake to know, that I have everything I need.

“Minimalism is not living without—it’s living with everything you need.”

Ronald L. Banks

I won’t ask any of my friends to participate in the Minimalism – Decluttering Challenge. I’m not sure they’d last. I’m sure plenty people think I’m absolutely crazy. Still I can collect a lot of stuff and I want to do better when it comes to refusing things and have a better process of daily habits and hobbies.

Remember in March-April when the shelves were empty and we were out of toilet paper. It was creepy and apocalyptic. It was like oh wow, do I need to stock up on paper too? I was anxious already living solo for the first time and now learning to cook less and acquire less things. I was experiencing so many changes in a short period of time. So yes I fell for the madness and purchase more than enough cleaning supplies. I’m halfway through my cleaning agents but still have enough sanitizer gel and gloves till 2021, yikes 😳 😬.

“More freedom is more empowering than more stuff.”

Ryan Nicodemus

With Gratitude,

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