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||98||: Day 24-27 of Unstuffing The Stuff.

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I’m behind a couple days and plan to post the last 4 days in 1 post. Y’all it’s not easy and by now I’m a bit nervous about what I’ll find while I’m sorting.

The word hoard sounds funny. Like we’re animals who collect too much food for the winter and then have no space to hibernate for the winter.

While decluttering I want to remember a few things about myself that will help my personal spending habits.
  • I prefer light natural makeup. Less is enough.
  • I prefer a low maintenance morning routine, so I can feel well rested and hydrated to start the day.
  • I’ll pass on souvenirs, items that advertise gaudy logos and disposable single use items.
  • I return to most used items, like my safety razor, tooth brush, heating pad for aches, 50 oz water bottle, my fitness watch, silicone rings, and athletic shoes. Sometimes the extras aren’t worth keeping and taking up space.
  • The obsession about being the perfect host isn’t about having the best china. For me it’s about serving delicious healthy food and having a clean space for people to rest. I’m working on my hosting abilities 😉
  • When I focus on my essentials, I’m able to save and focus on what matters most.

You’re most likely tired of seeing these posts and liking ✮ ★ ✮ them to support my page. I’m tired of decluttering and posting also. When this challenge, and grueling process is complete, I will take a break in November. I’m hoping that before I start packing to move, I’ll see such a change in the items I own, I’ll feel a sense of relief.

I was talking to my friend on FaceTime last night as I completed Day 27 and she laughed as I counted each item. She doesn’t understand why? I gave her my reason about needing calm and tranquility at home. Creating a beautiful space is self care. I never recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want it. Because I know of people who love to have the max amount of things and that boosts their mood. So whatever brings you joy, hold on and cherish it or them.

With Gratitude,

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