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||99||: When You Miss The Perfect Streak

It’s Day 31, the last day of #Blogtober, yesterday I didn’t write. I’m not sure why I let the words slip away. It was a mixture of distraction, reconnecting with family and letting my priorities take the back seat.

Still, I’m so proud of myself for writing daily. (This is the moment that you too, can pause and reflect on something you’ve done in October that you’re proud of). Being consistent has been a difficult task over the years. So, this celebratory moment especially during the massacre of 2020 is major, ok?!

Being consistent in a positive direction is darn right impactful and joyous. Instead of beating up on myself, for missing 1 day, I’ll say HIP-HIP-HOORAY, I am proud to be someone who is strong enough for the task. I am proud to be someone who finishes projects they start. <– Hello affirmation.

If you’re feeling tired, drained, scared, lonely, and mourning the loss of your family, mourning friends of friends, and the life you use to blissfully enjoy… you’re not alone with those feelings.

I’m taking a deep breath, inhale-exhale, because life isn’t easy. I commend you for being here and existing each day. I hope that we all can find a few moments that bring us joy. I hope that we can breathe deeply and cherish the now and find a cause to impact the world.

Friday night was my official night to start playing Christmas music, and so it begins. Yes, “Oh holy night, This Christmas, and The First Noel”. I needed it, the joy of music has the power to make me smile, shed a tear and laugh with glee.

So whatever you’ve started and finished, in the month of October, tomorrow is another day, a new month, and an extra hour to set your intentions. Take time to listen to your body and rest.

Love always,

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