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||100||: Dealing With The After Moods of The Election

Yours Truly

Hello lovelies, I’ve come up for air and giving myself a handclap for my 100th post 🥳👏🏾. I wanted to write about something current, that I’m going through right now.

Last night, I had to step away from the election updates. Which is tough because with anticipation building, I want to know what’s going on. So along with many other viewers, I experienced all the emotions one could possibly feel, heart racing and adrenaline pulsating through me. If you’re waiting, wondering and dealing with the aftermath.

Here’s how to fine tune your emotional well-being: I speak of no quick fixes, simply sharing ways to take a break and pause.

Take a few deep breaths.

Meditation and focusing on my breath has been incredibly helpful. Busy active home? Take a few intentional breaths in the shower, on the toilet, in the closest, in the pantry… 5 mins.

Watch Your Favorite Film/Series.

“Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin', Tossed salads and scrambled eggs.” 

The show I faithfully return to when I’m anxious, can’t sleep and need a giggle is Fraiser. The slight snobbery and whit is my cup of tea, I don’t think too much while watching and I can close my eyes knowing that I can rewatch the episode anytime. Whatever your show is that keeps the peace, turn it on the dimmest setting and low volume and cuddle under the plush blankets.

Create a Healthy Fantasy.

I like to create a healthy fantasy with foods, natural fragrances, lighting, music and show that helps me travel to a place in my mind. My love for simple healthy foods made quickly and a cup of tea for nearly every occasion soothes my soul. When I’m tired and need to settle down, tea. When my cycle starts, tea. When I’m soaking my feet in an epsom salt bath, cup of tea please. Reading Jane Austen, certainly a cup of tea. Whatever you choose to escape and rest your mind, I encourage you to indulge. My favorite part of autumn is cuddles, sweaters, drinking soup and tea regularly. Hope you find your level of comfort.

Fresh Air. Plant Life.

Fresh air when possible can be a mood shifting reset. I don’t know where you are and what’s safe in your area… If you’re able, take a quick walk around outdoors, around the block. If being outdoors is not possible, stretch and move about around your apartment,whatever is necessary to refresh your quality of air and breathing. I know we are experiencing different times so I hope that even a few minutes can be helpful. Sitting beside your plants and take a few breaths can also be calming.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It’s normal that many are feeling the weight of the emotional climate. It’s also okay to laugh, continue being creative, dance like no ones watching, listen to music, and share your skills/talents with others. I hope that no matter the outcome, we continue connecting with our community and comfort each other through it all.

Grace & Peace,

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