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||101||: When Your Progress is Slow Moving

Photo by David Dibert
Good morning and Hello to Monday 👋🏾 🌱🐢

It’s perfectly normal to embody the essence of a turtle, on land and sea, moving steadily and purposefully at your own space.

I wrote everyday in October and struggled to write in November. This is such an important month and I know that I’ll thank myself later for documenting the now.

Cheers to a new start, sometimes the season is slow moving and so progress can seem so far away . It’s important to consistently move toward your purpose and refuse what no longer works. When the process is slow, pause and reflect on what you’re doing and why. Then connect to community (support system) to remain grounded.

It’s happening, I’m watching the seeds that have been planted produce new life. Last week I put in my 1 month notice and I’m leaving my current job in mid December. This is the month I told many folks in Nashville that I’m moving to be closer to family. I’ve enjoyed the solitude and I’ve met my limit of quiet. I long for the moment for physical touch, shared meals, and family connections beyond the virtual experience. I’m moving home and I look forward to having face to face conversations with my Mum, our relationship improves when I take space to reflect and immerse myself in gratitude.

November is also important because I learned that my husband will be given liberty to travel to Nashville for Christmas. We were told it was a possibility but I wasn’t sure. I was praying and writing affirmations and prepared myself for what will be, a mixture of hope and low attachment to the outcome. That’s what it’s like living apart and being long distant once again, being so full of purpose that I have something to share with my hubby when we talk on the phone, the more I invest in myself, the more abundantly we thrive.

On the 22nd of November, I’ll be celebrating another year of life. I am deeply grateful to be alive. There were moments this year of 2020 that were so excruciating, I remember curled up in the fetal position crying, sleeping in a cold bed and feeling the void of not having him physically there. I am so grateful that I could experience that sadness without him. I am grateful that I didn’t feel numb to the experience because it’s real and he is so missed, the love of my life is truly a joy to be around. I was able to be vulnerable when we wrote letters so each with tears and perfume on each sheet of paper.

As I approach the holidays, I’m not sure if I want to decorate. I know that I love candles and lights but I’m not much of a seasonal decorator and I’m currently packing up the house for the move next year. So being true to myself is not allowing the seasonal disposable items to break my budget and essential mindset. What’s most important for me, where I am in life, is to be mobile – keep my body in motion, check out a few sites in Nashville and taking as many photographs as possible. I haven’t seen my hubby since March, so I’m excited to jump in his arms and squeeze him tight.

I hope that your holidays are memorable. I hope that you remain true to yourself, your budget, and create new experiences to elevate the holiday cheer. It’s not an easy year and I know that everyone isn’t able to mingle, so doing 1 act of kindness for someone: sending holiday cards, baking an extra batch of cookies, singing holiday carols, is a great way to feel connected to your fellow men.

Take it easy, move at your own pace.




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