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||102||: Clearing Things Out – Final Countdown of Decluttering

Sharing my plant 🌱 and a symbolic gift from a dear friend.

So the challenge is complete. I can’t believe I own more than 500 items. From October 1st – November 18 of 2020, I’ve decluttered, sold, donated, recycled… and it took more than the 1 month goal.

It’s done ✔️ now it’s time for more celebratory moments in November… my Birthday 🥳 🎉

I noticed the people who own less items, do it with intention and for a particular purpose. Some folks love to travel & blog about it. So they spend their income to fund their experiences. Some folks are military personnel and move frequently. Some prefer less items which keeps their anxiety at bay, retired and clearing out the excess, and then sometimes you reach a point in your life where enough is enough and you prefer a tranquil space.

My Recent Encouragement to Edit my Belongings:

  • Moving from Tennessee to Texas
  • New Military Wife
  • I want to be more practical when shopping and spending, focusing on quality not quantity.
  • I want moving to be easier each time
  • Less Stuff = Breathe Easy with Travel
  • Less Cleaning and More Relaxation
  • Financial Stability = Invest in the present
  • Lead by Example

If You’re In The Process of Clearing Out:

  • Set a timer for 10-20-30 minutes. Whatever time you’re able to devote and tidy in the category of the most overflow. If you have 50 pairs of shoes and you’re prepared to go with less, start there. Try on the shoes and make sure it fits, it’s functional, and aligns with who you are now.
  • Know when you’ve reached the limit. Take breaks, if you’re not emotionally ready to declutter then do something else you enjoy, connect with your tribe. If they’re is no urgency, don’t beat yourself up.
  • Start in the area or category of greatest ease. Example: If you have zero attachment to your workout equipment, haven’t touched it in 1-2 years and prefer the outdoors or the gym to exercise, then thank your past self and let it go.
  • Unsubscribe from retail emails, take a break or remove yourself from tempting followers who promotes products, if you’re consuming more than usual, know when to cut off from the marketing drug.

Have a merry and safe weekend,

✨🔮 Look out for my next post on 💟 Sunday 11/22✨

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