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||104||: Ask and You Shall Receive

Photo by Silver Works

I am happy and grateful that I have parents who are educators, writers and my spiritual mentors. I hope to be that for myself and for my family. To pass on what I’ve learned, that thoughts and feelings manifest actual desires in my life.

If I call myself a minimalist, writer, singer, etc. I’m sure others would look at my life for proof, that the thing I declare has benefits and continual transformation.

I can remember many times that having faith held me together during what seemed in the most dire and impossible situations. To come out of the mire was huge, beyond words. I can truly say this method of attracting abundance into the life I want is possible. It comes in waves and works best when I meditate and focus on the main thing. I hope and believe this practice will continue to change the trajectory of my life. Remember that sometimes it’s slow, that sometimes progress is tiny, so consistency is key. Think of the turtle 🐢 and keep pressing on.

Quoted: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Here’s a recent positive change: I shared on my birthday post (11/22), to ask and you shall receive. So I’ve been sharing with a few friends to share their cash app code on their FB page for their birthday. To make sure to kindly mention something they really want for the year. I still struggle with asking for help, it’s a mix of ego, shame and blah blah it feels odd admitting that sometimes I need help. Still I shared my cash app with my group of 105 FB friends. Behold it worked and I was given more funds than last year, a generous sum that truly surprised me. I say be bold and ask for what you want.

Be bold and clearly state what you want. Don’t focus on the how. The Universe is vast and there’s enough for everyone. So be specific, so much that even as you close your eyes you can see it, and then feel the sensations and excitement of achieving that goal.

Know it, see it, feel it and believe it.

Quoted: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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