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||105|| : Giving Thanks

Photo by Flora Westbrook

Thank you to all who follow this blog and stop by to ready my thoughts. It’s been a meaningful journey to write here and I hope to continue, because the best is yet to come.

It may seem simple to fellow bloggers, however to me, this blog is proof that if you think often about what you want, your thoughts can manifest into reality. It’s proof that thoughts can become something you can touch and truly enjoy. So I hope that whatever you desire, you will hold in your hand as you continue to meditate and think big. Yes, even during these unpredictable times.

I’ve recently made a change and will be moving to another platform, that’s why my website domain has change to a simpler one. I am so happy and grateful for generous friends and family who gave for my birthday. Your generosity made the upgrade swift and possible. Therefore I hope to publish my new blog mid December and it will remain, simple and reachable.

I hope that you are well, safe, and in good company, even in solitude.

Best wishes, see you in December.

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