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||108||: Anticipating the Arrival of Mr. Curry

I haven’t seen Lex for 8 months, 24 days, and today we are about to reunite and it feels so good… in about 3 hours. I highly recommend the Countdown Widget App to keep track of important days.

Photos in order — The Curry’s 2019-2020

From our intimate minimalist wedding in 2019, celebrating the New Year 2020, and now experiencing effects of Covid-19 while apart. We assumed we’d see each other at his graduation, and when things were canceled, our time of seeing one another was unknown. Still we knew eventually this time would come. We continued to connect just as we did previously when we dated long distance. We cheered each other on about pursuing personal goals and achievements and visualized the future.

TODAY is the DAY, Lex arrives home and yes I’m totally excited, protective of our time and looking forward to all the face to face conversations we can have without interruptions.

Not only is it Friday, YAY TO THE WEEKEND, it’s me reacquainting my darling to our home in Nashville. I’ve been a resident of this city for about a year and a few months. My favorite thing to do was, grab dinner with Lex, take photos, go on a hike, come home to rest and watch a movie. Literally the simplest things as long as it involved him.

I’ve experienced all the waves of emotions one can experience living alone especially when I’ve recently learned to live with my husband. So many new changes, I love it because it’s transforming me, and sometimes emotions overwhelm me.

My anchors during this new life:

▪️ Knowing & Feeling peace within.

▪️ Our Family

▪️Focusing on long term goals

▪️ Writing, singing for pure joy, creatively expressing myself online.
▪️ Quality time in my safe sacred place – home.

I often take breaks from social media, so I hope to share current changes, stories and my experiences here. The people I’ve met here in Nashville, have become near to my heart, an extension of family and I hope that you know that it’s always been about quality people and intimate conversations. The impact you’ve made in my life, has kept me encouraged, sane, and less alone, I feel the love even when I’m not able to express that, it is so appreciated.

To all, who are reading, have a safe and healthy holiday.

Love & light ✌🏾

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