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||109||: 10 Items I No Longer Purchase (Winter 2020 Ed.)

Photo by Skylar Kang

It’s Thursday, New Year’s Eve, as the new year is approaching, I reflect on what’s most important. What I’ve found most important is people, my relationships, and what connects us together.

I love to exchange stories and the lessons we learn from one another. Because having meaningful relationships is important to me, it makes sense to have tools that help facilitate that need and let go of the excess.

I’ve compiled a list of items I no longer purchase. The 10 Items are based on my lifestyle, a young lady who prefers natural things and minimal style.

5 ‘9 — Rocking this cut with poise + confidence

I’m a newly married Navy Wife, living a long distance from my mate. The first week in January, I’ll be moving and hope to document the journey.

  1. Lye Hair Relaxer —As a teen, I’d go to the salon every 2-3 months. Currently, I wear my hair in a natural state, it’s been 10 years. It’s a recent preference that I choose to wear a buzz cut or fade.
  2. Heels Over 2 inches — I do own 3 pairs of heels, 2 formal, and 1 canvas wedge. I’ve sold/donated about 5 pairs of heels this year. I’ve kept the two formal heels as place holders. I will transition into wearing boots only.
  3. Colored Nail Polish — I was in denial before, but now I know. I don’t use colored polish enough. I prefer the french manicure look, so maybe I will treat myself in the future. What I do own is clear polish and items to care for my nails.
  4. Large Purses — I refuse to carry purses large than me, it is both annoying and too heavy to carry on my shoulder. I prefer a medium crossbody and backpack for travel.
  5. Items with Large Logos — I prefer not to be a walking billboard. Now if you’re paying me, that’s a different story. I’m more interested in comfort and quality than telling everyone I spent over $100 for my item.
  6. Books just because — I have moved to 3 states within the last 4 years. So I only hold onto my favorite books, I return to As a Man Thinketh and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc. My other favorites are on my tablet. In the future, when we purchase our first home, I do want a library, some new, some old smelly ancient hardcover books.
  7. Formal Wear — The last time I purchased formal wear was my wedding, but that didn’t exceed $100. The dress for my intimate wedding in the Spring and for the reception in the Fall were easy to transition into my wardrobe. I’ve donated my blush pink dress and I’ve kept the ivory dress and many others that I hope to wear again next year. My lifestyle has changed and my attendance at formal gatherings are rare.
  8. Heavy Exercise Equipment — Honestly, this one is new. Just this year I purchased free hand weights and rarely used them. I’ve decided my mentality should be, purchase tools only when the habit is maintained. Example – I prefer to exercise by walking and stretching, so I own proper shoes, a mat, and a large water bottle. These items are used daily. That’s honestly all I need. I wish I enjoyed weight lifting, but it doesn’t hold my interest. I like fresh air and connecting with people. If I need to lift items, I’ll lift a gallon or case of water.
  9. Professional Cosmetics — I’ve learned that I look best with minimal makeup. I love my features and I choose sleep and relaxation over applying makeup each day. Because I don’t apply makeup often, any product that Requires Me To Watch YouTube Videos To Learn How To Apply isn’t used, therefore for me, it is not worth the purchase.
  10. Certain Appliances — I once owned a toaster and toaster oven, I had to let them go. I either toast my bread in the oven or over the stove. Yes, it takes just a few minutes longer, but I’ll do anything, not to clean yet another dusty and crumb-filled appliance. The stove is enough. It’s the same reason I don’t own a juicer, I’m not ready for that type of commitment. I own a small personal blender, in the future, I’ll upgrade to a Vitamix Blender.

What are the 10 items you no longer purchase?


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