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||111||: New Move. Unpacking the Essentials.

I’ve made it safely to my family home in Marlin, TX. I arrived on Sunday night and yesterday returned the tow dolly. The move reminded me how far I’ve come and how much decluttering I still need to do, and that I need to strictly follow a low buy challenge.

Delaying self-gratification is something I struggle with and the reason I’ve taken an interest in Minimalism. The documentary The Social Dilemma illustrates the testimonies of leaders in tech companies that aimed to use technology for improvement and created a monster that has changed how we function as humans. Our constant use of our mobile devices especially social platforms has indeed changed how we interact socially with one another. At the end of the documentary, the call to action is to monitor how often we use our devices and to experiment with using our devices less and connect with others in real life.

That’s the overall goal with Living with Less, aka ____ ism, to focus on creating deeper relationships and to invest in what you find valueable. We don’t have to live bare in a clinical environment, we can take control and recreate a life we truly enjoy, and to experiment with habits that help us reset, such as the Minimalism Game, or the No Buy, Low Buy experiment, going without our phone or internet for a week, etc. Abstaining from our daily habits can help us find balance, and it’s a personal decision one must make by their own choosing.

Reflecting on the purchases I’ve made in 2020, I think about where I am now and what can I do differently with this new move and unpacking the essentials. I live in a small town and the stores in the surrounding areas are vastly different from the suburban city I’m accustomed to. The nearest thrift stores (my delicious temptation) are 30-40 minutes away. The question is What will I do now with this new opportunity?

Minimalist Focus

  • Clear the excess – start a low buy challenge
  • Clear Debt
  • Invest with Ameritrade
  • Research, Prepare and Discuss owning a home with partner
  • Commit to a new course of study – start and complete a program online
  • Edit and fine-tuning what tools are needed to facilitate my purpose

The move to Marlin is a transition from living solo to living with my Mom until I’m reunited with my spouse who recently joined the Navy. So far the plan is to wait for his new orders, plan, and move. The process of packing and moving reminds me of the Packing Party, dubbed by The Minimalists. Imagine packing up all your belongings as if you’re moving, and then unpacking an item only when you need it. This experiment reveals to the individual only what’s essential.

I’m thinking of doing a similar process because living with Mom, I don’t need many things, no decorations, many of the comforts are already provided. It’s Day 2 of living here and I plan to take out a few things.


  1. Full-length Mirror
  2. Tablet/Laptop with chargers.
  3. My Red Initial “T” cup
  4. Peppermint Tea — habitual tea drinker
  5. Chunky Knit Blanket – I like to sleep like it’s Summer with the fan blowing for circulation.
  6. Personal Vaccum – to keep areas dust-free
  7. 1 set of Pajamas
  8. One pair of chunky socks
  9. Medicine/Supplements
  10. 50 oz Water Bottle.

I know this list will grow longer when I need to run errands or have an appointment. Its fun to experiment, but soon, comfort and practical needs will come first. Today I’ve placed boxes, bins, and suitcases in the study and have kept this room minimal, not including what’s already in the room.

Cheers to improvement and clarity of mind.

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