||112||: Capsule Wardrobe • Winter 2020 – Spring 2021


What’s a capsule wardrobe and what’s the point?

I have 47 items here, I’ll round up to 50 because I didn’t photograph some accessories.

So I’ll be wearing 50 items from December 2020 – March 2021.

Courtney Carver created Project 333 and these are the rules. 33 items for 3 months, pack away the excess, take photos of yourself wearing the outfits, and pay attention to what you wear and reach for each day. Carver states “you can remove a significant amount of stress from your life simply by reducing the number of items in your closet”.

A couple of years ago I would disagree, but after 4 moves in the last 4 years, you can imagine that it can be a pain carrying loads of stuff for the sake of comfort. So what’s the point? Because I want a simpler life, I look best with less effort, I dislike folding my laundry, because the color in my life isn’t things or clothing, it’s people, experiences, and memories that connect us together. The capsule wardrobe made sense, according to my life right now and values, the timing was the next best move.

It’s Wednesday morning the 13th of January and I’ve been in Marlin, TX for 10 days. I get dressed every morning scanning my wardrobe for a few seconds and putting together a winning look because you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Thanks to my recent haircut done by Charles at Dion’s Barbershop on New Years Day, getting ready each day is simple.

I’ve been inspired by the straightforward capsule wardrobe by Courtney Carver and the presentation online by the Filmmaker & Digital Content Creator, Josh Fenn. This video has encouraged me to create my first capsule wardrobe, NE-OW this month. In the past, I imagined that creating a capsule wardrobe would be time-consuming and restrictive. However, the pandemic and change in habitual routine put me in check like honey, you don’t have the time or the places to wear all these clothes. To date, my routine is home, errands, and quick travels. Basically, I’m home, balancing being aware and cute.

Current Wardrobe • Fall 2020 – Present

10 long sleeve tops

These are items I consistently wear in various ways, such as layering underneath sweaters and jackets. Missing from the first group of photos is the pink turtle that I’m wearing now, so I’ve added it to the carousel of photos.

3 Tights/Pants ✿ 3 Jeans

  • I’m still looking out for a wide-leg tapered pair of jeans. It’s been difficult to find because I wear a tall inseam. In this assortment of 3 jeans in various shades, the most unique pair is the light-wash jumper, close-fitting, and fun to dress, and then I add my wide-brim hat, which gives me a Nashville vibe.
  • The most comfortable pants I own are the black pants at the top, 3rd item. I’m wearing them now, they’re easy to bend, squat, basically, their twerk approved. I’m kidding, I can’t do that.

3 Tops / 6 Bottoms for Athletic ✿ Lounge Wear ✿ Travel

  • 6 bottoms that serve different purposes, from a scrub bottom, undergarments for layering, lounge, and travel. I own 1 pair of tight, not my favorite, but it shall work.
  • I was reminded by a Content Creator & Sustainable Minimalist Ecofriend.Lia that sometimes you’ll own something you don’t love, and you’ll make it work until the item you own is worn out and if the replacement is needed, search and carefully replace it. I am teaching myself to be a slow consumer, a habit not easy to break, but so worth it for my home and environment.
  • I want to tell you guys this, I’ve hoarded, I’ve overspent and put myself in debt. I’ve been that person, so as I write, I’m coming from a place of humility. As I write my experiences here, I’m not coming from a place to judgement, I’m coming from a place of experience and improvement. I’m becoming the woman that I want to be, I declare it and I write it and manifest it and I do the best that I can. When I fail, I jump right back into my format (Gratitude/Minimalism) and I affirm myself and reach for my main goals.

2 Knit Dresses

The black and grey dress speak my language: minimal, cozy, loose, and functional.

6 Knits

My favorite colors here are mustard yellow and black. However, the mustard yellow knit isn’t the best material. I’m not a fan of the fabric and now I’m unsure about the quality and longevity of the item. In the future, I’d like to purchase wool and cashmere instead of being mesmerized by the price and color. It’s important for me to layer in the winter, I’m often wearing 2-3 layers when I go outdoors and do the opposite at home. If being naked was a social norm, I’d opt for literal minimal clothing. I know, TMI, but we’re friends here.

3 Dresses & 2 Skirts

  • These are dresses that I’ve worn previously to graduations, performances, formal settings, etc.
  • What I need to do this year is to take more full-length photos of my outfits.

The two items that stand out to me are the red dress and the gingham skirt. I purchased the red dress within the 1st month of dating my husband, it was worn with a pair of low blue heels and I felt so confident with my curly afro hair blowing in the hot Alabama air.

The gingham skirt was worn when my Dad and family surprised me in Maryland, drove up from Jersey to hear me sing at a service. These photos standing beside my husband and my Father, are rich. The memories are engraved in my mind and the joy captured in the photos, and I know that one day that those items will be packed away for donations.

It’s been a habit of mine to wear outfits for certain occasions, as I’ve listed above. I can remember my exact location, the foods we ate, and how I felt about the people around me. I’m not one to wear a gown to the grocery store, but I do not regret it when I do. I feel a boost in confidence when I run from a function and have to make a quick trip down the aisles of a random store with my heels clicking and my earrings swaying against my neck. Clothes are meant to be worn, I guess if fashion is your calling you can treat clothes like art on display. As for me, I’m-everyday-people, SO I’ll let my clothing and threads get worn and mended, and the best way to do that is to own less clothing.

To enjoy my clothing, I have to own less clothing, so I can see what I have and love what I have.

3 Jackets ✿ 1 Coat

  • I love to wear clothing from my beau, especially if it’s practical, lightweight, it fits the full length of my arm and covers my bum. That’s how I feel about this grey fleece jacket, it keeps me warm. Reminding me how much I love “menswear”.
  • When I want to feel dressed up, I reach for my faux leather trench for the work hustle. It’s my, I’m too lazy to put energy into my look, so I’ll throw on my cape and head out.
  • I found the Multicolored Jacket in the men’s section. I love the colors, fits my long arms and hits perfectly at the waist. Amen!
  • *Missing my large green coat worn when the weather is below 30 — it’s lined with faux fur with a fixed hood. I was lucky to find it a few years ago on a trip to New Jersey when visiting my Pops for Christmas. The coat is currently stored here in the cold mudroom, with the temperatures shifting in Central Texas, it may be used soon. Totally grabbed it yesterday for the chilling morning temperature.

5 pairs of Shoes ✿ 2 Belts

  • I’m going nowhere in those black patent leather heels, and I’ve held onto them for special occasions. I’m open to what the new year … will bring.
  • The black and gold Adidas slides are comfortable for quick exist outdoors to pick up mail, check on plants outdoor, or whatever I need to do outdoors. The soles have a raised texture that pushes into the curves of my feet to help ease discomfort.
  • 2 leather belts – one black, one brown.
  • 2 pairs of leather boots for frequent wear, to dress up or down. The brown boots were worn on my Official wedding day. *Missing from this frame – 1 mid-length black leather – second hand.
  • I gravitate to my New Balance trainers purchased for a run, and worn frequently at work, running errands, and everyday comfort. I’m open to recommendations on trainers with a focus on orthopedics and TLC for my knees and back.

1 Wide Brimmed Wool Hat

I’ve been searching for an affordable wide-brimmed hat, and here it is. I’ve seen many online for over $100, and yikes I had to think about it. I’m a believer in quality but hesitated to purchase an item without trying on the look in person. Now that I have the best hairstyle for the look, it’s been an item I’ve worn to add dimension to a simple look like any of my long sleeve tops with slim jeans or a sweater knit dress with boots.

I am grateful for the time and space available to put together this capsule. I admit it is a luxury to have this amount of leisure and focus on my things. I hope this method of analyzing teaches me and others browsing, that the things we own are meant to be tools that help us effectively pursue our trade. We are filled with depth and life experiences that make us unique. I hope that I can carry on the message from now till my grand age, that the most precious gifts are relationships and the memories I hold in my mind.

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
Lao Tzu

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