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||116||: Spirit of Gratitude

Relaxing in my childhood home, Bay Area Texas 👑

I’m human, so I can tell you there are times that I slip into a depressive state, and when that occurs, I don’t even want to function. I’m a fighter y’all, still that’s real human shit, no facade in the verbiage.

It’s important, that when I’m aware of the downward slope, I connect with the Divine, adopt a habit of gratitude, it’s the difference between life and death when I focus on all that I’m granted on this earth.

A hot shower, brushing my teeth, wiping my face, changing my clothes, drinking water, makes a major difference with my health, it’s the start of feeling productive.

I’m rewriting this post, to slow down, and really sit with these feelings. This home that I’m posing in, is available to me because of my relationships with my parents. I am so grateful I am welcome home, that I can return and be nourished emotionally and spiritually.

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”

Dale Carnegie

What brings me joy, is having a spirit and habit of Gratitude.

Some of the items are not necessities to keep me living, but they do make life more comfortable, they make me smile, and for that I’m grateful.

I challenge you to write down what brings you joy, vocalize your gratitude, sit with it, and meditate.
May you be healthy, wise, and at peace.
  1. Calls from my love — When my husband LC calls and we video chat — our discussions, sharing visions about the future, laughter, and my full-on flirting.
  2. Deep conversation under the covers late at night with the lights off.
  3. My prescription eye glasses, without these, help because I’d feel blind. I reach for these every day and I wear them especially when using devices.
  4. Lelo Soraya 2 – The Maserati of personal massagers. Oh, ya. I’ve said enough.
  5. Homecooked meal – Coming home to food prepared, ready to devour with the people you love.
  6. Tidy Home — The results after tidying and cleaning the home — I love to start the new week with a fresh space.
  7. Hugs — from Mom – telling her I love her.
  8. When I massage Shea Butter/my Oil Mix from head to toe after a hot shower. It’s one of my favorite self-care rituals.
  9. My 50 oz. water bottle because I love water and need plenty of it, close by.
  10. Travel backpack because carrying large purses is a pain.
  11. Low Maintenance House Plants: ZZ, Snake, Aloe, Vine Plants. It’s easy to care and I feel content to see it grow.
  12. Wireless Earphones. So I can walk around freely, connecting with my tribe, and getting things done while doing errands and tidying at home.
  13. Tripod for phone/camera, great for taking full body shots solo and talking while being hands-free. This is a luxury, a purchase from Amazon that I use and it travels well in my backpack.
  14. I love my piercings. I recently got my nose pierced, Sept 2020 and I got a second row of ear piercings, last Saturday night Jan 2021.
  15. Fresh hair cut – a low maintenance move that has me feeling free and confident. I kept my bristle brush because I plan to get more hair cuts this year.
  16. Cleanser & Moisturizer. I have combination skin that needs a gentle clean. For exploitation, I use a sugar scrub and a textured cloth. I wear less makeup so I focus on skincare.
  17. My safety razor 🪒 and Wahl Close Box Shaver are purchases I’ve made years ago. I’d replace these items without hesitation if they were damaged because I use them every week and the quality has held.
  18. Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow, I need neck and shoulder support when I sleep because it aches in those areas. When I sleep without, I feel the difference. I bring it on road trips and my plush blanket is packed on further trips to roll and wedge with other pillows that aren’t as cushioned.
  19. I am grateful that we now easily access soap and sanitizer. I feel the joy to know that this is easily accessible. I don’t like that my hands are dry but this need outweighs the inconvenience of constantly moisturizing my hands.
  20. Men’s Fleece Jacket – I say menswear because the tag emphasizes it. I’m not a fan of polyester, it belongs to my hubby and I’ve been wearing it. Looking for a wool jacket that I can wear for light covering. It seems like menswear’s jackets are longer in length and it’s what I want, my bum covered with a loose fit.
  21. My Phone/Laptop — I purchased last year, it still sparks joy because I’m able to take better quality photos, I am writing my first draft of this blog from my phone. I complete my final drafts on my laptop, which is not my favorite brand, still useful and affordable for the process.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Omar Khayyam
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Being goofy, helps me raise my spirits, move, shake, stretch, twerk, whatever helps.

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