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||117||: Tea Everyday … with enough Gratitude to Sweeten my Mood

Here’s a free write about what’s going on …

It’s been on my vision board and now it’s actually happening. It’s given me so much hope. They say returning to school takes courage. Yasssz, and it’s been a climb. I made the first step, now the daily follow through shall begin.
Hip 🙋🏾‍♀️ hip hooray!!! 🎉

Today I’m sipping my favorite Oolong Tea. My Dad isn’t impressed by it and says it needs more sugar to bring out the flavor. I chuckle, knowing that a flavorful tea doesn’t need much sweetener. I usually do two bags because my cup is huge.

If you have a favorite brand and flavor of tea, please share in the comments, I’d be delighted. I drink tea and water frequently, on these cold days, the hot pipping water is appreciated, and it must be hot enough to blow and sip, close by an old smelly hardcover for inspiration, “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.

I’ve written many posts about Gratitude. It’s one of my favorite topics and so I return to it in need of continual practice. We often hear about people who are famous who prescribe gratitude as a daily supplement, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Iyanla Vandanzt, Tony J. Robbins, etc the list goes on. What about the everyday human that is in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, minimal education, mentally bankrupt? How does one have hope or practice gratitude? The same applies to everyone, no matter who you are, it’s scientifically proven that you attract what you think, and as a man thinketh, so is he.

This week in Texas, our power has been on off, either non existent or flaky, and the water through the pipes have stopped yesterday (2/17/21). Still I am grateful and I’ll tell you why… because last night the power stayed on, the first time since Monday. I hope that wherever you are, you and your family are safe, your basic needs are met and things improve.

It’s completely quiet here in Marlin, Texas.
Our streets are still white with a few tire marks and many because people aren’t leaving their homes. We have water and we filled up several gallons of water as the local news mentioned on Sunday. We have plenty to be grateful for, yes the power cuts out at night but runs again in the morning. My Mom is from Guyana 🇬🇾, and prides herself on being prepared, so far, we are. Thankfully we have each other for company.

Staying with Mom gives me yet another opportunity to talk to someone. Last year I was living alone in TN, it was getting dark, beyond my social introverted energy could handle. Mom and I are both married in long distance relationships, and have admitted that the company of each other is comforting. I’m listening, learning about myself, and enjoying her presence.

People are hurting, exhausted and frustrated with the pandemic, conversations about political mayhem, sickness, death, mourning, loss of income, and mental health, have mercy. Maybe cold isn’t the biggest fuss, but power sure is. I rely so much on power, and being alone in the cold can cause time to crawl and the silence of a powerless home to be awfully loud.

Being without, reminds I need to be prepared for unpredicateable times ahead, and that focusing on what I’m grateful for has always been an important tool and life line.

I’ll end this post by encouraging you to spend time each day speaking, writing, singing like a song on repeat what you’re grateful for, it’s healing…

  • I’m grateful that I choose life, that I really want to be here, to be an active participant in life’s journey.
  • Home, Shelter, a safe haven.
  • My spouse, our family, friends, and even the strangers we meet that leave a character building and lasting impression.
  • Food, water, and clothing.
  • Health, Mobility, Strength, sense of independence.
  • I’m grateful that I believe in the power of the mind, I believe that my Creator has given me everything I need, that I need to reach out and access, and my desires are possible.
  • This morning I was so grateful for warm water to take a quick rinse, water restores my soul and gives me clean slate.
  • I’m grateful for forgiveness, that my mind and body find rest in the Divine and those who grant me the gift of active listening, time and space in their lives.

And the list carries on. It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well. What about those times, when it looks like things won’t change, choose hope, repeat an attitude and actions of gratitude, and see what happens next.

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