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||120||: Gratitude + Affirmations

I have everything I need 

I know what I want 

I know where I’m going

Please guide me towards the tools I need to thrive. 

May I attract people who have high frequencies 

May I be available to give, contribute and uplift others with who I am, vulnerable and true. 

 I am open to learning and listening . 

I am able, capable and strong enough for the task. 

I am so happy and grateful to be starting my education in Mental Health,

I am so happy and grateful that I’m able to afford it, that I’m a money magnet, and the funds are flowing easily. 

Thank you for the people who were able to provide, support and encourage me, along this journey.  

With a grateful heart, I hope that by sharing my prayer and thanksgiving, all are encouraged.

To sit, pause and reflect on gratitude is saying to the subconscious and the Universe, thank you in advance, thank I’ve received exactly what I need to thrive. 

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