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||122||: Our Thoughts Become Reality ✨

Photo by Jacob Kelvin.J

A couple years ago, a girlfriend of mine told me about the book “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Angel Ruiz. I appreciate homies that recommended books. Sometimes I check it out right away and sometimes I get distracted, or stall for that spiritual moment.

That spiritual moment happened, on a flight were I didn’t bring my earphones. I sat there, slightly bored and annoyed to have two devices useless for audio-play. I read that book cover to cover, I was hooked.

I ranted to every single person I met about the book. I even sent them a link to the book and YouTube audiobook for them to listen. And so I’m sharing this with you, as an eager student of The Law of Attraction & Manifesting.

There are many quotes that resonate with me, this morning I’ll share 4. These quotes within literature, have convinced me that there’s a way to nourish our subconscious mind, to reprogram and take action.

I hope that you get in the driver seat (yes you capable driver) and set on your destination.

I hope that whatever the climate is, whatever the detours, you explore and enjoy the scenic route.

If you so choose to collect souvenirs, may they be imprinted as helpful lessons, may you bloom beyond recognition.

When you pause to take photos, and share your story, may you arrive safely.

Best Wishes,

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