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||134||: Ready, Set, Let’s Go (Even on a Wednesday)


Last night, from Virginia to Texas, both planes landed safely. I’m grateful knowing that I’m here, even though life is not promised.

  • I am grateful for the now, even through anxious thoughts and preparing for the future.
  • I am grateful knowing that I will figure it out and learn along the way.

I took a break in my routine last week and if you’re a student you know that finding your flow in the term is important. So I’m a bit off my game today, nevertheless, the learning modules are calling my name.

There’s work to be done and with supernatural force, I must finish this new week strong. I’ve never wanted to or aimed to be an A/B student now, but I want it, I want to excel as a successful student now more than ever, I want to do my very best. I believe that we receive everything that we pray for, ask for, intentionally work towards and subconsciously think about.

Sometimes I’m scared, still, I am remind, just like in meditation, to return to the now. 

Right now, I’m sitting upright on a futon while writing this post, I plan to go outside for an hour long walk, eat some delicious food, complete assignments for school, talk to my husband, and write down my plans for the remainder of the month.

I had a few ideas on the plane flight home, I was bit restless and started reading a book called Clearing Emotional Clutter by Donald Altman, and then wrote notes in my phone. Writing is what organizes the thoughts floating around in my mind, it gives my thoughts an anchor. I hope that whatever you’re working through this week, that you can start it, keep going, even at a slow pace, complete the marathon you’re facing.

I’ll leave this mid week inspiration here:

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