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||135||: Feeling Humanish Today…


I’ve been a bit off my flow since my travels out of town, it’s been about 6 days since the trip and I’m still a bit out of it. I feel tired everywhere, emotionally and physically. I try my best to pretend that everything is fine but it’s not, y’all deserve to read about me being human.

I haven’t been writing and so maybe the feels are stuck, trapped in my mind and sort of crowded up there. Writing has been therapy for awhile and so I haven’t had my lyrical unfiltered therapy. 

So you’re hearing from me today on a Monday instead of my usual Sunday’s. Sometimes it’s like that; I commit to do a thing, and instead of planning ahead… I just laid in bed, curled up and listened to music. Maybe crying would help but nothing came out. I guess the human in me, just one of those couple of days grouped together.

I’ve been protective of my energy these days, I’ve done my best not to watch the news, only the local for weather updates, safety precautions, clean water, etc.

I have one more week of my online classes, then I’ll have a one week break and starting again with 2 — 8 Week Courses.

My energy is low, I’ve been going to bed around 10-11pm, waking up at 7am, and still feeling blah. My body is telling me I need to go outdoors and play in the sun, a steamy Epsom salt bath, a massage, and a home cooked meal, followed by cuddling with the hubby (we are long distance soooo), I have to be patient because I want all these things.

This is a post to say, Do whatever you need to cheer yourself up because the human in me knows this is normal and this too shall pass.

We are in some interesting times and it still feels uncertain, so in the meantime, work on your mission, have some playtime and connect with your people, your Source, and strength. Pray, worship, dance, meditate, laugh, cry, bunch a bag (careful), do whatever it is, us humans do to release…

If you’re feeling the funk, just know the woman who meditates, repeats affirmations, and does her best to uplift others, is having one of those days in a row too, and you’re not alone, it gets better, because we are here now, Good Things Are Coming.

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