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||142||: Sharing Your Story

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

I’ve created a new space called:

This project has currently paused, will share update soon. (11/01/2021)

Who?: My name is Treasure, a quirky queer lady, that passes no judgement, and believes that we are full of stories, some told and some untold and I’d love to share them on the new blog space.

I love to write, sing, and I’ve always loved stories. My grandmother Yvonne was a self taught artist, and one of the best storytellers. I appreciate how community happens every time stories are shared. Your stories will go straight to me, and all stories will be shared anonymously (Unknown Author). If you want credit for your story, please share your name/pseudo name, pronouns & social media handle.

What?: I’d like to read and share your stories. Feel free to anonymously share your stories in spoken words or audio format to the contact info below.

The Prompt: What is a secret or confession you’d like to share?


What story has been on your mind that you’d like to share?


Any date – try, What has happened lately in June?

1 Sentence. 1 Paragraph. 1 page.

See how it feels.

Reminder – It doesn’t have to be grand. It can be as simple as sharing your favorite book or tea. It can be admitting that you’re attracted to someone you haven’t told anyone else about. It can be that you prefer solitude while you’re part of a big family. It can be about your work, friends, creative projects, or even your current daydreams. Whatever it is, feel free to share.

When?: Entries are open Today 6/20/21 — Let’s create magic 🙂

Where?: Send your stories to or – whatever platform you prefer.

You can read all stories on the new blog called,

Why?: It reminds us all, how similar, how connected we are. To feel less alone on this crusty planet. If you’re with me, still, thank you for reading and browsing this space.

With Gratitude,



  1. Congratulations on your new space! The Quirky Queen is still considered to be a Queen. They all have their quirks, but being in the public eye, they are more noticeable. I have a secret to share! It’s nothing major, but I haven’t written about it yet. Thank you for sharing with us Treasure. ❤

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