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||166||: Release with Writing


Hello fellow readers and writers, have you ever felt like if you didn’t write something down, you’d burst?

it doesn’t have to be poetic or grammatically correct at this point, just need to release this climatic high lingering in the body

That is how I’m feeling, bright eyed and awake at 12:57 am, with a Himalayan Salt lamp warmly lighting the room, a book folded open on my chest and typing this on my phone, hoping to calm my anxious state.

My hubby has been deployed for 6 months, a total of 189 days and I’m still floating with bliss and vibrating with excitement. It feels like I’ve climbed a tree, the highest perch and i don’t know how to climb down.

Another way to describe this feeling is when one is nervous that their throat feels tight, that even hot peppermint tea is short of a healing balm.

I haven’t written consistently here in several months, so I’ve made a few edits on my (About Blogger) Tab, feel free to check it out.

Where am I now? I am physically in O’ahu and spiritually choosing what feels good. I welcome all the juicy goodness life has to offers, hugs, slow mornings, new budding relationships, saying no to make space for my FK YES, and being soft with myself.

The part about writing that I tend to overthink is forcing the content to sound profound, when really my thoughts are my thoughts, they don’t need to be liked or understood, I simply need to do and let the doing be enough (MY OWN REMINDER).

My best guess is, the doing of writing for personal growth will manifest with consistency and the choice to LET IT BE.

Heres a reminder to do it messy, do it in the struggle without fully knowing, do it daily and return to see your results season by season, or even 6 months.