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||165||: Trip to O‘ahu – What To Pack For Hawai‘i?

Photo by Jess Loiterton

Aloha Folks

This is a post for family, friends, and whoever is traveling to O‘ahu and not sure what to pack in their suitcase. This list is for the low key traveler, so if you’re more of the daring adventuring type, keep in mind, this is a light list.

I currently live in the southern part of O’ahu called Waipahu, Hawai‘i, north of Pearl Harbor. Most likely you’ll fly into Honolulu Airport and if you’re traveling to visit me, you’ll be greeted with Floral Lei’s.

Welcome Family to my Curry Sunshine Experience

As you begin to take out your suitcase and start packing, ask:

  • How many suitcases do I need?
  • Am I bringing carry on luggage only or am I checking in a bag?
  • Check airlines to learn more about luggage fees – What are the fees for carry on and checked luggage?
  • Be sure all your luggage is labeled and the information is updated with clear print.
  • Masks are required while traveling in airports. Since late March 2022, masks are no longer mandated. Click here for updated information about traveling to Hawai‘i. and click here for more details.

7 Day Trip To Hawai‘i

Photo by Kindel Media

Sun Protection is priority:

  • Hat for Sun Protection – Options: Baseball cap, Wide Brim Sun Hat, Straw Hat, Open Visor.
  • UV Ray Protection Sunglasses
  • Sun Screen – Apply before sun exposure, every 2 hours. Health professions suggest 15-50 SPF is sufficient.
  • Travel Size First Aid – *Be sure to carry your med’s and vitamins.
  • Reusable Canteen/Bottle for water on the go – Hydration refills.
Photo by Angela Roma

Clothing Daily Wardrobe:

Photo by Karolina Grabowska
  • Tech Shirt’s – They’re quick dry and moisture wick shirts, that can be found in the workout section at Walmart, Target, Old Navy, thrifting, etc.
  • Clothing with UV Protection
  • Linen & Cotton Clothing – Emphasis on breathable fabrics
  • Water Shoes – Especially if you’re considering water sports and spending everyday on the beach. They can provide protection from coral reef, lava rocks, and crossing streams while hiking.
  • Plan for a beach day: Beach towels, swimming goggles, etc. Consider purchasing beach toys at a local thrift or Walmart. Many folks donate items before returning home. This may apply to folks with children if they are need of folding canvas chairs, etc.
  • Various Swimsuits/Trunks
  • Hiking Sandals – They provide more support and traction when walking dirt paths with slippery steps and loose gravel.
  • Comfortable Trainers/Hiking Boots – for hikes and sight seeing
  • *Respect* for the people, culture, and the island leave it clean and undisturbed better than how you left it.

Everyday Carry #EDCforTravel

  • Bag for Daily travel – Options: Fanny Pack, Small Shoulder Bag, Light Bag pack, if you’re a regular hiker – bag with water reservoir.
  • Tote Bags – Eco friendly reminder – Most stores have you pay $0.15-$.50 for a reusable bag.
  • Wallet & COVID-19 Vaccine Card
  • Travel Size Hand Sanitizer
  • Travel Size Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm with UV Protection
  • Portable Phone Charger – These come in handy especially if you’re out all day using google maps and taking photos.
  • Bring an Extra USB Cord – Helpful to have one for the home and one for travel, stored in the vehicle.
  • Reusable Water Bottle for hydration refills (as mentioned above)^
  • Extra: Hair Ties, Cooling Towel (Search TargetCool Wipes/Sporting Goods – no link provided).

If you have any specific questions, I’d like to read them. If you have any suggestions on items that were useful and necessary during your trip, please share in the comments, your feedback is appreciated.

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