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||77||: Day 10/11 of The Minimalism Game

Photo by cottonbro
Why am I doing this? This question may come to mind while sorting and walking around the home and analyzing do I use this, have I used this in the past year and will I ever wear or use this again?
Read by TC on 10/10/2020

One must understand that letting go is not for anyone else — not the social inter web, it isn’t to impress friends or to boast about having less attachments to things, it’s not a competition. It is for you , it is the peace and tranquility you crave.

For me the beginning of the pandemic was a wake up call. Here I am with more than my normal use of cleaning products and my large wardrobe of gowns, jeans (that no longer fit), jackets and shoes UGH 😩. It felt like a long sentence and I refuse to feel like a prisoner in my environment. Maybe for you, it’s not that deep and you’re moving in 2021 and this method would help the moving process run smoothly. Maybe you’re leaving for University in the Spring and you don’t plan to return home. Maybe someone you loved has passed and with time and support, you’ll soon begin to sort and gift some of your loved ones belongings. This really isn’t a game — it’s a structure and this is your life — so live your best version.

Whatever your reasons are, Know Your Why because as the days of the double digits approach like today being October 10th and tomorrow October 11th it is the weekend and you’ll be gathering 10+11= 21 items that no longer take room in your home, so out the door they’ll go. Know Your Why – have a plan for the exit. Today I’m planning to run an errand it’s the perfect time to gather what I’ve done for the last couple day’s including today. It will be donated at my local thrift store, some will be put on consignment, some sent to ThredUp and some will be sold on Facebook market.

When I visualize the future, I will travel lightly. The future looks like a graduation from University, it looks like moving to a hometown where I live close to work, I can walk some of my errands, I’ve birthed little ones that need my love, guidance and attention. All of these changes require new movement and new clothing. I cannot let what I have now be a burden and impede on my future. I see the bigger picture and that is more time and experiences with my family and less time fussing with stuff and dust collectors.

With Gratitude,

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