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||88||: Day 18/19 of The Minimalism Game

July 4th 2018

Take a picture… it lasts longer. Advice I give myself, inspired by The Minimalists. If you love something, take a photo to hold on to the memory.

I’ve taken photos of myself wearing these patriotic medals after a race. My hubby and I were dating then and madly smitten for each other. You know when you do activities for each other even though you strongly dislike it. I dislike running and I ran with him. It was fun and so worth it. Plus it was his birthday, and my presence was👌🏾 😉✨❤️.

Next time I run a 5K, I’ll take photo of the item and then leave it at the park. There are certain things in my home that are purely seasonal. When deciding what to let go of, my perspective changes when I imagine myself moving and having to take that move that trinket around, year after year.

As a new military wife, with no children and who hasn’t moved yet, I’m decluttering to keep my belongings light. I’ve kept my decorations minimal in this temporary space, I’ve purchased plants and I’ve been given gifts but so far no Christmas tree or other holiday things. At first I felt odd about it but my spouse doesn’t mind and neither do I. He’s my my gift and one day we’ll be reunited again.

These posts represent October 18/19th of 2020, it will be 37 items to let go and release.

There are 13 more days left in October and you can imagine I’m tired of this game, and about posting it here. Still I’m persisting and will complete this game and feel so relieved.

If there’s a mundane task you’re doing during this month, something personal that needs get to done daily, Keep pressing on. If you’re in school during this pandemic mess, missing your family or sick of your family, keep pressing on, a break is coming soon.

With Love,


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