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||140||: New Start

It’s been a busy time, and I’m glad I took the space I needed to focus on school and all the energy it requires.

If you’re over 30, you know how much courage it takes to return again after a long break. I wrestle, affirm myself, and people reach out to extend love and resources.

I’m in a good space in life and I’m grateful. I want to capture this gratitude, as I take my writing to another level, the unfiltered space I’ve always wanted to go. I want to take action and share with you a new project I’m starting.

I’ve struggled over the years to figure out my niche because I have so many interests, but one thing that has always interested me is stories.

I do understand that this space I’ve created “” can also be a space for stories, but I haven’t purposely designed it this way. So if you’d like to read some of my stories, like an open diary, feel free to stop by at my new space, that I created this evening.

If it does not resonate with you, no harm, however I’ll ask you to share it with someone else who may connect with my voice.

Much love, thank you ALL for following my journey thus far.

Cheers & Happy Birthday day to:

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