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(3): Part I |5 Wives – Sharing 5 Lessons they’ve learned in Marriage|

Mrs. Curry — April 2019

This was a great opportunity to talk to a just few (out the many women I respect) about marriage.

Like, “Hey lady, care to tell me some juice about your marriage life?! (Yikes) And can you do this for now, por favor?” Thanks love, kisses.*

What I learned about myself while writing this blog: I avoid conversations that require me to be vulnerable. I love to help people and to push them past their vulnerable envelope. But if it’s my turn to ask someone else for help, to admit that I need them to do something especially for me. I run from that idea, so this “simple task” gave me a tinge of discomfort.

I deeply appreciate that these 4 women shared, and chose to write to me during their busy (I don’t know your life — and I don’t know what you’ve been through) type of week. I am the 5th woman who will contribute to this sharing session, yes you get the pleasure of reading my lovely lady parts. On the scale from mild to scorching hot, this entry is mild. This is blog #3, so keep following to earn your heat. I plan to write more candid details about my life, with the purpose of sharing important lessons while documenting my current journey.

Shared from 4 women + myself word for word:

Treasure: “Michelle, I love you and admire you. You’ve been a woman I look to who represents elegance, grace, creativity, and love for her community. What you continue to do on a artistic and business level reminds me of the late Yvonne Bobb, you are living the legacy. God bless you as you create your own path. Much love”
Treasure: “Darla, We’ve been friends for years. You’ll always be my sister. I care for you deeply and I am so elated for you. Write your story, someone needs to hear how God delivered you. Shout it out! Let it rain! You are so intelligent, talented, creative, an incredible woman. Much love.”
Treasure: “Teresa, You deserve every gift that comes from God. I admire you. You’re a hard working woman. You don’t play, you’re that type of woman! I respect your voice, your talent, and the love you pour out for others. May God continue to direct your path. Much love.”
Treasure: “Eyren, I’ve heard such wonderful words about you and it’s been a pleasure meeting you. It’s been a joy ministering with you. May God continue to mold you, shape you and create in you a pure heart. As woman of God, I notice that you do your best to be a servant of God and I admire that about you. Jesus is a rock, hold on sis, God has great plans for you. Hugs & Love.”
Self: “Well you did it girl. At 1:00 AM and all. You are doing what you love and I’m proud of you. Sometimes the need to be absolutely perfect, prevents you from pursuing your goals. But, tonight you said, NOT TODAY SELF DOUBT, NOT TODAY SATAN. Ha!”
As the writer for this blog, I’d like to thank my 4 contributors. This blog post is Part 1, Part 2 will be available next week.
Rest well beautiful people.

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