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||7||: 2020 Money Vision

My love and I spoke about 2020 being important, the beginning of a new decade.

We also shared parts of our past, like who we were then and who we are now. We are transformed people who function and think differently. We are grateful. We also understand, in order to grow and make proper use of the next 10 years we must plan and move with deliberate intention. Things cannot stay the same, new habits must be formed in order to receive new outcomes.

It takes 1 decision at a time, new steps in a new direction and then reflection with yourself and sharing those plans with someone you trust. I believe with well thought out decisions and preparation my quality of life will change.

The first step I’d like to make to help improve the quality and peace in my life: Be financially conscious of the money that goes in and the money that goes out, live according to my finances, in short, “Spend within my means”.

Last year I eloped. It helped my partner and I live within our means. I feel that it was the best choice and I know that would give us the opportunity to focus on my move and our transition into marriage. However people just don’t understand, they want tradition, they want to look good and impressive within the community and they want to uphold cultural norms. I get it! Still, you gotta live according to the coin and not according to fantasy. Or you’ll pay the price in interest and you’ll pay the price with the disease called Pleasing Others before Self.

Spend minimally, save notoriously, invest wisely.

Have you ever made a purchase that was above your means, to please someone others?

With Gratitude,

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