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||13||: 6 Romantic Gestures for Self Love 💕

Model: Naomi Marcus

I remember Valentines Day in middle school and especially high school.

Each campus shared similar celebratory traditions. The campus sold carnations that you could gift for your friends or significant other, the choir offered their voices as a romantic vocal gesture to any classroom, the majority of student body dressed in hues of red, and girls walked around with huge teddy bears that dragged across the floor.

You get it, it was a red and sparkly pandemonium. And if you’re a teen and single, you feel vulnerable and aware what someone isn’t swooning over you.

Now as an adult, I’ve decided years ago to celebrate anniversaries and memorable moments without the pressure of purchasing or needing things on Valentines Day.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, or military spouse, I understand that telling and showing the people we love on any day especially this mutual day, is done carefully and creatively.

This post is for anyone one:
For the one who waits for no one, they carry on loving themselves, For the one who chooses to love themselves in the ways they want to be loved 💗 💗 💗

  1. Get naked, gaze at yourself, and blast Lizzo or any Love Yourself Anthem. Dance like no one is watching 👀
  2. During your shower or bath, set the mood by lighting candles (keep candles on a cleared counter space). Use your best and most fragrant shower gels, enjoy the steam in the shower and do all the preparation you’d do for a date with the one you love. When you step out the shower, lather your skin with body butter and oil. Give your best — feel your best.
  3. Dress in bring colors, red, yellow, purples, pinks. Add in the shimmer and glitter where needed. Party likes it’s a New Year. Let the rainbow be your guide. If you usually wear neutrals, add a pop color that involves less commitment to your wardrobe like sunglasses, colorful Bobby pins, a scarf, or enamel pin.
  4. Enjoy a cozy date indoors or reconnect with friends. Whether you like to relax solo or spend time with friends. This involves more effort with in house decorations and mutual effort with friends bringing dessert. Budget to order out from your favorite restaurant, you can preorder on many food delivery apps. Or take yourself out to lunch to avoid the dinner traffic, followed by Karaoke, or a movie with girlfriends.
  5. Speak affirmations of praise in the mirror. Repeat kind words to yourself. The benefits of this consistent practice of love allows you to feel love first at home. I believe one feels most secure and at peace when their first compliment comes from themselves.
  6. Purchase something for yourself. Buy a few flowers or even a new plant to place near the window. Be the light and joy you want to attract.
    *If you’re in relationship, especially if it’s new, gift experiences and take plenty photos to remember the moment. Take the pressure off of stuff and enjoy the present day.

With love,

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