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||23||: Do More of What Makes You…

Photo by Lisa Fotios

I posted on a previous post #22, that I want the month of May to be a Fresh Start. Each day a new opportunity presents itself to make changes each day.

I encourage myself and I encourage you to…

Do More of What Makes You:

  • Happy
  • More like yourself
  • Feel Connected to others
  • Feel Connected to your heritage
  • Connected to your Faith & Creator
  • Peaceful
  • Giving
  • Surrendered
  • Creative
  • Enlightened
  • Purposeful
  • ______________

At this moment, my focus is writing and sharing my thoughts. I write daily with pen to paper, and I write many drafts that aren’t always published. For me what’s important is to do what I love and that is expressing myself and connecting with all readers and the WordPress community.

Have you thought about what you’ll focus on in the month of May? Maybe it will be 1 thing, a commitment to doing 1 thing very well until it becomes the thing you do with more ease, the 1 task you complete no matter how busy life gets.

Whatever you chose, I hope that this month you become more sure of yourself and confident with this new skill or practice. Because that’s my goal with self improvement, to share and master the gifts God has given me.

When writing, I’d like to:

  • Write daily on any medium or platform
  • Speak kind words to myself
  • Replace my nagging and destructive thoughts with uplifting affirmations.
  • Let myself off the hook more and not punish myself for not always producing “grand” ideas.
  • Celebrate who I am and what I can do
  • Ask for help with editing or even ideas.

I hope my thoughts shared, will be the light you need to peer into your personal life; make a choice and go on your errand.

Best Wishes,

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