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||24||: Dear Self “HELLO” I Owe You This Wake Up Call

Photo by Lex

Truth is I’m insecure and scared to share myself. Still I’m craving to share who I am because when I finally do I will appreciate the process and how far I’ve come.

– T. Curry

I’ve mentioned what I want to do and haven’t done the very thing myself. I want to share my journey and encourage others through stories and song. The purpose of this blog is to create a safe place and actually be vulnerable. Yet, I’ve held back. In fear that I’d be viewed as joke, emotionally unstable or over sharing. I’ve avoided sharing what’s really on my mind and that hinders my progress. I cannot tell readers what to do unless I’m taking the encouraging advice myself.

So I say to myself: Get over yourself and go all in. I’m sorry that it’s taken you so long to finally get it and even now it will take many reminders because you run to your comfort zone. So forgive yourself and let go of fear.

You can’t give what you haven’t experienced and practiced in your life. We are all functioning in our own frame of reference and that’s all one can do.

Unknown, Rough paraphrase

DO more and when overthinking urges arise, I dare you Treasure to speak anyway, share anyway, cry and be terrified, and embrace all the emotions. Because I know there’s No Shortcuts to growth. Holding back has stunted my growth. So be free caged bird.



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